1 - 30 June, 2021

"Dear New Earth... I'm here to write you alive. Just like all the best writers have.

You may call my revelations and proclamations an oracle, a mystery novel, a love letter from the trees or elementals, healing recipes, a personal journal, or even fairytales for flourishing. I call them the unexpected words that must tumble out of me, making their way into the wild, vast unknown so that new realities can form.

I KNOW my imaginings are essential to the birthing of a new earth... and I'm here, NOW, to offer their brilliance to the world by writing down the future, so that others may also know..."

^^^ Does this sound like a story you know in every cell of your being? Join me for 30 days of Writing Alchemi.

Writing ...the Real Magic!
Writing is alchemical when it transforms YOU as you write. This is a writing container like no other...

We'll be embodying adventures and activations; creations and catalysts; rhythms and (r)evolutions in creative, pleasure-fuelled ways.

Together we write the stories that have been waiting for NOW... 
Join us to...
  • Connect deeply with the elements & elementals that assist our planet to thrive...
  • Reactivate your juiciest desires for aliveness...
  • Experience deep, piercing softness, and wild, fiery bravery...
  • Show up... in your beauty, your mess, your truth and your unshakeable knowing... you shall not be silenced!
  • Light the flames of feminine energies long hidden... & BE them!
Just one of these situations is enough to say YES to
*Writing Alchemi*...

  • You know the earth, its elements and elementals desire to speak with you in co-creation of the new earth.
  • You have a novel or other creative writing project that brings new earth alive by 'pretending' it's not real so that people can receive the energy without resistance. I see what you're doing there!!
  • You KNOW you're supposed to write some grand, glorious epistle that will change the world and yet, you seem to be (ugh) stuck. Let's find your sweet spot so your writing flow can begin!
  • You adore writing but you never get to it. There's a hundred fairytales from the future patiently waiting for you to sit and write. That's what co-writing is for... we show up together so that wicked bully known as procrastination gets lost!
  • You want to connect with other writers who have similar desires. Together we are super-powered lighthouses of co-creation.
  • You're ready to write a new future for YOU. Aka, your writing project is personal and you desire to be inspired by the seen and unseen in nature.
This is your invitation to seed a wild, wonderful new world with your words...
What's Included?
  • 4 x 60 minute writing Q&A calls. (Recorded)
  • 8 x 90 minute co-writing sessions (including energy immersions to land us deep in the magic).
  • 30 magical writing prompts for inspiring greater futures.
  • 30 alchemical questions to ask when you're seeking inspiration.
  • A private online group for conversation and connection (not on social media).
Register here:
2021 Dates:
1 - 30 June
As at 17 May 2021, $300 AUD equals approximately $233 USD / 168 GBP / 192 EUR. 
Please see FAQ's below for live call times.


  • Your characters, ideas, themes, storylines and imaginings relating to your novel, blog, personal journal or other writing project.
  • An intuitive desire for a different future to emerge from your writing project. You're here to inspire change - in relationships, communities, business, social systems, the way we live and co-create with the earth...
  • Your questions! You may be at the start of identifying new ideas and energies... or you may be stuck or needing inspiration somewhere in the middle.


  • The mind-blowing, heart-opening questions that will quantum leap your writing into greater paths of possibility.
  • Skillful insights, creative writing prompts and energetic tools for releasing writer's block and opening the doors to your imagination and your true connection with earth, the elements and elementals.
  • Playful fresh approaches for creative expression that bring your characters and stories from the future into the now.
  • Energetic techniques for exploring your grandest visions in detail and allowing them to show you what's truly possible.
What people say...

"Lisa is an amazing facilitator and guide who invites such creative joyful exploration and expression of possibilities.

Her Creative Futures workshop allowed me explore and embrace my creative gifts and abilities in a really fun way. I had a return deep dive journey to my spiritual roots, and sacred lineage where I acknowledged, embraced and reclaimed all of my wild divine feminine power and potency, empowering me to create more space and the freedom to more deeply embody and create my greatest future. 

It's no coincidence that you're reading this, now. If you're wondering whether this workshop is for you, trust, honour and say yes to the part of you that's bought you here. I did and I'm excited for the expansion of my projects, workshops and programmes and for the new creations and possibilities that are already showing up in my world as a result of this workshop.

Kimberley Lovell, Healer & Channel, UK

"I signed up for a Flexi-coaching session with Lisa to get her support with writing my novel.

I was really excited to have access to Lisa for 3 entire hours as I dove into writing my book.

Being able to ask her questions, and receive her responses very quickly via audio was so fun, so rich, so valuable, and contributed so much to me, my writing and moving my novel forward.

I received so much more than I imagined during these 3 hours with Lisa and look forward to another session with her at different points ahead in my writing journey.

I'm so grateful for her unique perspectives, creative approaches, vast experience and enthusiasm. Thank you, Lisa!"

Megan Walrod, Writer, USA

"I would like to express gratitude for the taster of 'Writing Wild' and the amazing tools! I started to use them immediately. I am student at fine arts academy and I am using the tools in creating paintings and photography too! They are so magical! I have so many ideas! Thank you."

Alen Kasumovic, Artist, Croatia

***  ***  ***  ***  ***

"My Flexicoaching session with Lisa was incredibly helpful. She homed right in on some key issues and suggested some excellent questions and strategies.

The Voxer app was easy to use and fun, and Lisa is so intuitive and compassionate that I felt like a burden had been lifted and I was able to move forward with my current creative project with much more ease. Highly recommend."

-- Beth, Published Author, Australia

What times are the sessions?
(click links for your local time)

WEEKLY Q&A:  Monday 6am AEST / Sunday 8pm GMT / 1pm PST 

CO-WRITING #1: (Australia / USA): Tuesdays 10am AEST / Mon 5pm PDT / Mon 8pm EST

CO-WRITING #2: (Australia / Europe): Thursdays 4pm AEST / 6AM GMT

All sessions will be recorded. You can attend whichever co-writing sessions work best for your timezone. There are two co-writing sessions weekly to cater for different timezones.
What can I write about?
"Writing Alchemi - Heartsongs of the Earth" is a space for you to explore different experiences of writing, to expand your voice and to tap into the wisdom of the earth, the elements and  elementals.

You can have a specific target or project and apply the alchemi of this process to it, or you can receive the prompts and ideas and see what they spark. 

How else do you work?
I also offer 1-1 coaching (live on Zoom), message based FlexiCoaching, VIP Intensives and Private Retreats (live or online). Please email me with details of what you are seeking and we can arrange a time to explore what will work best for your targets. 

You are also welcome to experience support via my other current offerings. You may also find the inspiration you're seeking on my Blog or YouTube channel.


I bring a playful mix of unpredictable awareness, deep knowledge on many topics, rampant curiosity, lots of 'on the ground' experience, and trust that we'll get to exactly what your writing project is asking for.

  ::  I ask the questions no-one else is asking. From those questions possibilities emerge, creative choices are born and breakthroughs occur. My questions go far beyond the linear, into the unknown and the unpredictable. 

Fully Present  ::  Transformation, creation and breakthroughs don’t have to be serious or painful. I am strong and kind. The hidden will be gently unhidden and altered at its source so that you can rise enlivened, like a phoenix from the ashes. 

Energetic Awareness  ::  Your words and your presence are full of energy. I am masterful at reading that energy and pinpointing exactly what we need to transform so that you can have the awareness you are asking for. 

Aliveness  ::  I facilitate as I live - with play, joy, curiosity, generosity, resourcefulness, determination, unlimited choices, consciousness and so much more. 

Creative Activation  ::  I am an awakener and an activator. You are the actioner! Your willingness to write during our time together will make a huge difference to the magic you receive. 

Register here:
Starting 1 June, 2021
As at 17 May 2021, $300 AUD equals approximately $233 USD / 168 GBP / 192 EUR.
Please see FAQ's above for live call times.

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