is a supportive, generative ecosystem
for the thrival of your divine creative spirit...
Whether you know it or not, in your heart, you're a wild, mystical creature.

You are rising from the ashes of a chaotic world, and

forging beautiful healing paths that will be followed for generations... 
Introducing Wildhearts Oasis, a members-only community for YOU, created by Lisa Murray
You're sensing big shifts and wondering how to make sense of them in your daily life...

AWAKEN Your WildHeart...
through loving connections, inspired paradigm shifts, creative adventuring, mesmerising conversations, and conscious, nurturing choices. 

YOU are wild when you are free to be ALL that you are, untamed by the limitations and structures designed to keep you contained and contented.

What will your world be like *when* you bring your gorgeous wild soul to the party of living?
OR... You're a BIG dreamer ready to make an even bigger difference in the world...

AMPLIFY Your WildHeart...
through powerful choices, bold creations, intuitive leadership, joyful momentum, insightful explorations while all-ways being true to YOU.

Your WildHeart will no longer settle for the status quo, or leaving your gifts on the table, or not leaving a legacy that changes the world...

How can you *amplify* your WildHeart in CREATION of a new earth?
You were made for these times...
Awakening the wild feminine is a journey of consciousness that we all take. It's a deeply unique and personal process. You don't have to experience it alone! 

WildHearts is a space of deep connection, an adventure in being open-hearted to the beauty and magic that surrounds you, a creative exploration of creating a more wonderful life - your way!

It's a nourishing experience you receive and activate for others through your participation. 

It's an unconventional dance with the cosmos that brings you and your creations alive. 
There's two ways for us to WildHeart together... 

Are You AWAKENING To The Truth of YOU?
You're ready for more than surface level conversations. You know that the raw, wild real you cannot be contained any longer if you are to thrive.

You're ready to embrace the unseen and the unknown in playful ways that create a magical life. 

Join the Wildhearts AWAKENERS to experience the pleasures of...

  • claiming your sovereign power,
  • bringing your wisdom alive,
  • unleashing your strengths,
  • expressing your intuitive magic,
  • expanding your presence & brilliance... and
  • dragons! (kidding / not kidding)
The AWAKEN membership is for you if you recognise yourself here ::
* You're going through deep change and seeking a safe space for soul support.

* You're in recovery from burnout, life getting the better of you or your crazy ungrateful ex and you want to be damn sure your past does not repeat!

* You're wondering what to do with all the change you see in the world, and why your old ways aren't working anymore.

* You're in the midst of an awakening and you need wild-hearted inspiration for living a blissful life.

* You know you're here to be amazing, but somehow it's not showing up in your life just yet.

WildHearts is relevant for many other situations too - check in with Lisa if you're wondering if it's right for you.
Become a member to explore these themes and more...

+ Co-creating With the Cosmos (hello creative flow!) * Nov 2019
+ Inviting Harmony (without being a doormat) * Dec 2019
+ Generating Powerful Alliances (collaboration IS the future!) * Jan 2020
+ Awakening Great-hearted Love (for you, life & everything!) * Feb 2020
+ Fulfilling Your Dreams (& becoming magical) * Mar 2020
+ The Miracle of Kindness (& releasing your defences) * Apr 2020

*NB These topics are a loose guide to the conversations and adventures we'll be having in the Wildhearts Oasis. I'll be following the energy and inviting your suggestions too! 

*P.S. Breathe a wild sigh of relief - this isn't yet another course to finish!! It's a way of LIVING and an experience to enjoy :)
Are You Ready To AMPLIFY Your Voice In The World?
You're a leader and a map-maker. You're ready to create your vision without excuses or distractions. 

You know that no-one creates alone and you want to join a group of courageous, conscious creators who are co-creating a new world. 

Join the Wildhearts CREATION MASTERMIND and create momentum for your vision through: 

  • creation through awareness based, non-linear choices,
  • having the courage to pave your authentic path,
  • exponentialising your impact,
  • deep connections and support,
  • creating an eco-system of creative possibilities...
The AMPLIFY Creation Mastermind is for you if ::
* You're a pioneer with bold ideas that need WildHearted support to exponentialise their creation.

* You have a beloved project or idea that just never gets the attention it deserves - joyful accountability makes a difference!

* You're seeking inspiration and activation for creating your ideas in ways that are kind and generous to you and the planet.

* You're ready to discover new ways of working and being visible that are less about hustle and more about strategic awareness.

* You're here to make a difference - for you AND the world. Leaving a legacy is essential to your joy.

* You're ready to offer and receive the deep connection that being a wild-hearted leader brings.

* Expansion of your capacity and your business or idea is your priority for the next six months.
Join the Creation Mastermind to...
Enliven and create your ideas and projects (business or personal) in a generative and generous environment.

Use the Finishathons to prioritise and get things finished *without hustle* or force. (Think online co-working with the magic of Lisa's awareness and knowledge to expand your creation skills).

Bring your big questions to our twice monthly Mastermind calls for collective insight and creative momentum.

Receive all of the Awakener level resources and calls, so that your consciousness and your creations can be energetically resonant!
If you already KNOW this is for you... join us now :)
1 x 60 minute Connected Conversations Call each month.
1 x 60 minute Facilitated Call on our monthly topic.
A playful #communityadventure that loves up the world.
An energetically based art activation each week.
$495 AUD / MONTH (x 6 mths)
Two x 90 minute #Finishathons.
Two x 90 minute Creation Mastermind calls.
Magical extra resources for your creations.
+ Everything from the Awakener level!
If you don't know Lisa or you like to check out ALL the details (including the Foundation Membership Bonuses), keep reading ;)

YOU, the untamed, will not bow down to bullshit.

YOU, the untamed, are the voice of the voiceless.

YOU, the untamed, make the crazy irrelevant.

You, the untamed, create beyond time and lead evolutions.

YOU, the untamed, bring an open heart that’s bigger than the world.

YOU, the untamed, sense the spirited and the unseen.

YOU, the untamed, invite the abundance of your soul to emerge.

YOU, the untamed, bring your wild heart alive.

YOU, the untamed. 

If not now, when?
Meet Lisa Murray
WildHearts is an invitation to focus on possibilities rather than problems, creativity rather than obstacles, co-evolutionary choices rather than the status quo. This is a generous, generative community for great-hearted beings to thrive together. 

My name is Lisa Murray. I'm the wild-hearted visionary for this adventure in bringing yourself alive!
Participating in the Wildhearts Oasis is a signal to the cosmos that you're ready to embody the magnificent truth of YOU.

When you join WildHearts...
  • You are supported to take action and make changes.
  • It’s experiential AND inspirational.
  • It’s a place to connect more deeply with people like you who are awakening.
  • It offers practical processes for real change, clearing out the past and allowing clarity to emerge.
  • There are no social media distractions - we have a private membership portal with everything in one place.
  • You hang out with leaders who are living wild-hearted, not just talking about it!
What do creators say about creating with Lisa Murray?

 "I found Lisa’s unique approach of nurturing our creations into existence really refreshing.

Every time I tried to use force, make myself wrong or judge myself for procrastinating Lisa facilitated me with such kindness and creativity to remind me of who I really am and what I’m truly capable of.

So I’m free from all those obstacles I used to stop myself. Not only am I brimming with inspiration, I also have a sense of the courage and clarity I possess to bring my creations into fruition." 

Geraldine Woessner, Ireland

"Lisa is such a inspiration for unleashing my creativity on so many levels. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her personally. It’s thrilling, enthusing, easeful, peaceful and it always surprises me what shows up when working with her.

Lisa asked me a couple of questions that made my own unacknowledged and unique brilliance (with creation and money) simmer and it amplified what I know. It has become a strong energy in my life and business which keeps giving. 

Everyone should know you and work with you!” 
Merlijn Wolsink, Netherlands
"I now have clarity about who I am, what I have to offer, what I want to create.
Lisa is someone who comes to the core quickly and easily, can express things beautifully and sharply and does not go for less than is possible. You can not lead yourself around the garden in her presence! 

The only thing you need to participate is the desire to make a difference with every choice you make, to be no longer satisfied with something that is less than what is really possible and to no longer hide the rare and remarkable magic that you are!"
Petra Siemers, Netherlands

Become intuitively Wild-Hearted in life, business and beyond... 
Register before 31 October 2019 to become a Wild-Hearts Foundation Member & receive these extra benefits.
* A 60 minute call on Making Inspired Choices (& Trusting Your Intuition) 
* Three transformational Art Activations.

* An Energy Immersion (like a super-powered meditation) to awaken your Wild-Hearted Money Magic.
Your Wildhearts membership includes all of this magic each month...

* Special member-only rates for 1-1 coaching & live events.
* A members only private forum (not on Facebook) - for creation, conversation and support.
* And more...
1 x 60 minute Connected Conversations Call each month.
1 x 60 minute Facilitated Call on our monthly topic.
A playful #communityadventure that loves up the world.
An energetically based art activation each week.


$495 AUD / MONTH (x 6 mths)
Two x 90 minute #Finishathons.
Two x 90 minute Creation Mastermind calls.
Magical extra resources for your creations.
+ Everything from the Awakener level!
The first AMPLIFIER Creation Mastermind runs 14 November 2019 - 30 April 2020 (to allow for holidays). The mastermind commitment is for six months, with an option to extend. The Awakener membership is open-ended and you can cancel at any time.

More details re how the programs work and the included elements are available in the FAQs below.

You can find an approximate price in your currency at www.XE.com. As at 22 Oct, $100 AUD = 61 EUR  |  $69 USD  |  53 GBP.
Are you here to change 'normal' into beautifully benevolent choices?
"You belong to the wild, and it belongs to you.”
LISA MURRAY            
What times are the calls?

All call times are based on Brisbane, Australia timezones (AEST / +10GMT) Please check the time and date links for your location. 

AWAKENER Calls:  8pm AEST on Thursdays

First Thursday of the month :: Connected Conversation Call
Find your time & date.

Third Thursday of the month :: Monthly Topic Call
Find your time & date.

AMPLIFIER Creation Mastermind Events:
*as this is a small group, I reserve the right to change the times to better suit participants.

First & Third Tuesday of the month  ::  Mastermind Calls (90 mins)  6am AEST
Find your time & date:  First Tues  |  Third Tues

Second & Fourth Thursday of the month  ::  Finishathon Sessions (90 mins)  6am AEST
Find your time & date:  Second Thurs  |  Fourth Thurs

Please note there are no calls during the 5th weeks (when they occur). This is a week for restoration, relaxation and regeneration. 

There may be occasional changes to this schedule when I'm travelling, for public holidays (eg over the Christmas/New Year week) or to accommodate daylight saving changes. I also reserve the right to have a talented guest leaders deliver or co-facilitate an occasional session to ensure the flow continues.

What is a Connected Conversation call?

Social media brushes the surface of many topics but rarely gives the satisfaction of a deeper conversation where many perspectives can be explored. Each month you'll get to suggest and vote on the conversation we have together (in small groups via Zoom rooms).

Lisa will put together some 'conversation starters' and resources so that you can get to know each other better. 

How do the Monthly Topic calls work?
Each month we'll explore an intuitively chosen transformational theme in depth. Upcoming topics are listed in your membership resources. Lisa will lead the conversation and you can bring your questions. There will be big aha moments, energy clearings and energy immersions, as well as additional suggested resources when appropriate.

Please note that these calls are topic specific and not for general facilitation for your life. Should you need a private session, being a WildHeart ensures you have access to discounted rates for sessions with Lisa.

The calls are recorded for members use only and, to respect personal confidentiality and intellectual property, the content is not to be shared in any form outside of the WildHearts Oasis.
What are the #communityadventures?

Each month you'll be given a simple adventure that can be completed within 10 - 30 minutes. These #communityadventures are designed to bring a sense of joy, togetherness and magic to the world. It's a playful way of creating the world we desire to live in. 

If you wish you can feature it on social media tagged #wildhearts #communityadventure. 

* Leaving a love note in three free newspapers in your local area.
* Drawing chalk love hearts down your local main street (or on your street's footpath).
* Wearing your wildest outfit somewhere you "shouldn't" - so you can start a conversation about something that matters to you.

They are creative, playful and designed to invite interaction and break down barriers.

How do the Art Activations work?

I've known for a long time that my paintings contain transformational energy that can change your world just by looking at them. Each week I will channel a short message as a written activation that will bring the painting's messages alive. 

The Art Activations are an invitation to new choices, energies, possibilites, futures and creations. They are activational rather than predictive.

Here is an example message:

Breaking Boundaries

"You can choose the void (all clean and defined) or you can choose the rough edges of boundaries merging, breaking loose and flowing. 

There are times when we must allow our containers to spill over, our lines to mesh and merge with new possibilities, our definitions to explode into greater intensity.

Each of the ‘containers’ in this image hold a gift for you. Ask each one which area of your life it is connected with. What the colour is moving you towards. Where these boundaries need to be explored, expressed and expanded. 

As you become deeply present with what is changing in your world, you’ll notice the edges have shifted. Some of them now flourish with a purity that has not been possible so far. Some have no end… they are leading you to the unbounded you, the unleashed you.

These edges swirl and flurry with possibility. They cannot be contained, even as you try to contain your brilliance and magic. They are the connecting points for ‘what’s next’. 

Ignoring them will take you into a space of nothingness, a space where nothing is clear. Tracing their subtle contours will allow you to build from your depths, igniting new adventures and new ways of being. 

This is a time for letting the old become compost, so that it can feed the new. Enjoy the journey within. It is a peaceful, gentle process.

Allow the outside world to fade into the background as you explore how you would like to engage with it.

And so it is.

YOU are unbroken."

With cosmic love,

XO Lisa


How do the Finishathons work?
Finishathons are designed to create momentum. You'll learn lots of ways to prioritise and finish the creation work that is slowing you down. 

We work together on Zoom - at the start and end of each session you can ask about anything you are stuck with - whether it is tech, writing, connections etc. The collective resources of the group will be harnessed to find the best solution possible. We'll also address mindset and energetic transformation relating to creation of your ideas.

You'll be amazed at what is possible through the momentum created by the group energy!
How does the Creation Mastermind work?
This is a mastermind for bold-hearted leaders ready to create big momentum.

You'll be connected during the calls and on a daily basis via a private forum where you can ask for support and contribute to others. 

During the calls you'll be asked to bring your big challenges. The structure will include hotseats (where many ideas are generated) and expansive questions that everyone responds to as part of the growth process.

You will lead and be lead. Being willing to let your guard down and be honest is essential.

Lisa's unconventional ideas and awareness will be on tap for you during the calls.

Please note that Mastermind participation is by application to ensure a suitable fit between members.
How much time is required?
The energy you contribute will determine what you receive. I suggest:

- 2 hours a month to attend the live calls
- 30 mins a month for the #communityadventure
- 10 minutes a couple of times a week to explore the conversations happening in the group and contribute to other members.
- as much time as you choose to explore the resources that are offered (eg Art Activations, Energy Immersions etc)

Amplifiers - Creation Mastermind
Please note that I cannot accept you into the mastermind if you cannot show up live for the 2 mastermind calls each month. Consistency is part of creating growth.

- 3 hours a month to attend the live mastermind calls.
- 3 hours a month for the Finishathons (this is part of getting your normal work done - with leverage!)
- 30 mins a week to participate in the forum - asking questions and responding to others.
- as much time as you choose to spend on the Awakener project.
What is a Foundational Member?
Foundational members are rewarded for joining the Wildhearts Oasis (as an Awakener or an Amplifier) within the first ten days of the initial launch.

In addition to the bonus gifts listed in the main section above, Foundational members will instantly receive access to 1-1 coaching with Lisa Murray at special member rates (Save 15%).

Normally members will only receive access to member rates (for coaching or live events) after they have continuously been a member for three months.
How do the subscriptions work?
At the Awakener level you will be billed monthly until you cancel your subscription. You can unsubscribe at any time, but please note that you will lose access to the WildHearts forums and content. The calls are downloadable, and you must download them before you cancel your subscription if you wish to keep them.

At the Amplifier level you will be billed monthly for six months (duration of each Creation Mastermind) and then monthly if you choose to continue.  You will need to download the calls if you wish to keep them. All cohorts will have access to the one conversation forum to amplify our creative contributions to each other.  This is available to you whilst you are actively subscribed to a Mastermind. Masterminds may have up to 12 members and more than one may be running concurrently.

Mastermind participation is by application to ensure a good fit between members.

Please note that all subscriptions & memberships are subject to our normal Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policies.

Please ask if you have questions!

Who is this membership for?
WildHearts is about unleashing the truth of you in the world. It is based in wholeness and consciousness and we dive deeply into feminine creation energy.

All genders are welcome if you are interested in the possibilities for a different future that these energies invite you to.
1 x 60 minute Connected Conversations Call each month.
1 x 60 minute Facilitated Call on our monthly topic.
A playful #communityadventure that loves up the world.
An energetically based art activation each week.


$495 AUD / MONTH (x 6 mths)
Two x 90 minute #Finishathons.
Two x 90 minute Creation Mastermind calls.
Magical extra resources for your creations.
+ Everything from the Awakener level!

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