What does your wellbeing quiz score mean?
The Burnout Breakthrough Model
Burnout Breakthrough Model
After three rounds of burnout I was determined to never go there again. This model is the result of ten years of experiments and explorations as to what truly makes a difference.
Living the model in your daily life means you won't have to worry about repeating old patterns or being 'careful' with your energy for the rest of your life.

It's a new way of being that goes far beyond balance, into the generative equilibrium of making daily choices that bring you alive.

If you're scored.....
Less than 20

Oh YES! Give yourself a big hug of gratitude! You're doing pretty well at this preventing burnout gig. Your real quest is to make your choices sustainable and naturally a part of your every day living, so that you don't inadvertently land at the tipping point that will land you in burnout territory.

​Here is a BIG question for you to explore in the context of either your current situation or your highest scoring element...

​What would my life be like if I was highly energised *and* relaxed?

What do I sense I'd lose or miss?
What do I sense I'd be thrilled by?
What do I sense I'd be intimidated by?
What do I sense I'd be doing or being that is DIFFERENT to my current life?

This is the treasure map you are exploring in your life right now. What choices do you have that you've made into a should or tagged as 'impossible'?

What ONE choice would make the greatest difference to YOU living a more energised life right now? Start there! (Or scroll down past the scores to see more delicious suggestions.)

Between 21 and 33

Hello Amazing You. Welcome to your new life!​

So... you're at the tipping point, or maybe years from now you will describe it as being on the precipice of a make-or-break turning point. Maybe you've had burnout and you're on the comeback trail. Maybe you're slipping slowly into burnout without realising it. Maybe you know you're at that momentous point where you're clear something has to change, fast!

When you are at the tipping point, your quest is to move gently away from the edge of what will tip you into full blown burnout. It starts with making one choice at a time.

What is creating the most angst for you right now?Is your body too fatigued to play? Is your tired, busy mind still asking you to give more? Are the incessant demands of your work or your family taking more than you have to give? Are you stretching yourself because you feel you 'should'?

Identify the area of your life that is most strongly letting you know it is seeking change. The symptoms won't be subtle. Listen to them. What are they trying to tell you? Ask them these questions...

What ONE choice can you make to create more ease today? It may be a step backwards, a step sideways, or even a step forward... not off the edge, but into a new way of living or working.

What ONE change can you make that will begin bringing you closer to that choice? Remember, you only have to choose for this moment. You don't have to plan out your entire future and work out all the moving parts!

Moving beyond the tipping point is easier than you've made it. Pause. Breathe. Listen to the you that you rarely give voice to. You know. And if you think you don't. Give yourself a playday and ask to tap into what's really going on here. Your body doesn't keep secrets from you. Follow your instincts.

Between 34 and 48

Beautiful YOU... you have given yourself one of the most intense and magical gifts imaginable.

Burnout isn't just stalking you, it has found you and become a little more cosy than you might desire right now. Here's what happens next. You thank yourself for this gift, and you go about unwrapping it and discovering how it can work for you in the kindest and most inspiring ways you can find.

​Burnout isn't a life-sentence; it's an invitation to live a life that is so amazing you can't even imagine it right now. This is the life that shows you what is truly possible when you find the courage to let go of the shore and create your own treasure map of possibilities.

Don't worry. I know you're exhausted. Those adventures come a little down the track. Right now your only priority is to nurture and nourish ALL of you until you have the energy to go on the adventure this gift is inviting you to... we're not talking surface-level self-care here. We're talking about the choices that will make the biggest difference to your happiness, energy levels and capacity to function in the world with ease.

It starts with support. What kind of support would make your life a thousand times easier right now? Are you willing to ask for that support? Are you willing to find ways to have that support, no matter what the outside world says?

Allow those one or two or three things into your world that will make the greatest difference. Receive them with gratitude and ask them to show you what is truly possible that you have not yet imagined.

​Tiny choices make big changes. It might be someone making your meals or cleaning your house. It might be a few hours a week to yourself. It might be the space to sit in a perfectly silent dark room, or lie quietly on the earth.

There are thousands of ways to receive the energetic and physical support you need. It's not about doing more. It's about receiving more.

Allow yourself to unravel a little. Acknowledge your unmet needs, and begin to create a supportive environment that makes your life easier and more joyful. You deserve this... and so much more!

What's Next?

If you're seeking more inspiration, any (or all) of these next steps may infuse you with new possibilities to explore.

If you provided your email at the end of the Wellbeing Quiz, over the next twelve weeks you'll receive a weekly email, with free transformational tools designed to help you prevent and transform burnout.

In the meantime you can...​

1. Listen to the energy immersion that is most relevant to you and allow it to lead you into new adventures in energising your life. Download all four of them here!

​2. Read Living Beyond Burnout from the perspective of creating a greater future by preventing burnout from occurring or re-occuring.

3. Book a Burnout Breakthrough Session with Lisa Murray to develop a personalised strategy for transforming and preventing burnout.

Living Beyond Burnout
LIVING BEYOND BURNOUT is a book for everyone who knows it is time for different ways of living and working.

If you have ever had a breakdown, feel like you are 'just holding it together', have lost your mojo, or are looking at your life and saying 'there must be something better than this!' this book is for you.

The book offers a system for preventing burnout and an invitation to transform fatigue and exhaustion by changing the underlying causes, as well as treating the symptoms that stop you from enjoying your life in all its magic and magnificence.

Get the Book
Praise for Living Beyond Burnout
Michelle Gee, UK

"This book is truly profound. It is so much more than a book. It's an artwork, a life's work.... a gift to create with from beyond this reality. I have read and consulted with many burnout experts.
No one and nothing has offered me a different perspective that actually works for me, until now. I now have hope that I too have a grand and glorious future of phenomenal creation rather than exhausting body maintenance."
Cassandra Russell, Australia

"Lisa's story is compelling and relatable. We need to be having more conversations about burnout and the insidious impact our current way of working and treating each other is having on each of us.
I enjoy Lisa's writing style, her sense of humour and the occasional f bomb. The practical tips included in this book are doable - if we just get out of our own way and BE."
Gabrielle Conescu, Australia

"Lisa, I want to let you know your book is full of treasure for me. I am so grateful to hear the perspective of someone who has propelled herself to realms of limitless possibility."

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