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Bring Your Heart & Soul Alive...
Imagine indulging in one glorious spark of transformational magic each week... taking your heart and soul on the adventure of a lifetime.
Every Friday you'll receive one alchemical adventure, practice, ritual or insight for magical map-making in uncharted times... 
  • Private podcast episodes
  • Energy immersions
  • Invocations
  • Oracle readings
  • Creative adventures
  • Love letters from my dragons / unicorn / faery folk
  • Epiphanies
  • Energy clearings
  • Insightful writing prompts & other magical surprises...

Enjoy *The Gold*

This annual subscription delivers you the best elements of my transformational work, curated from over 140 of my classes and courses, in perfect timing for NOW! 

*The Gold* is  delivered via email every week, for only $55 AUD for the entire year!

You'll get to explore:

The Art of Creation - my best tips and tools for consciously creating your ideas. Stop forcing yourself to create! There's always an easier, more joyful way!

Nurturing YOU - in an insane world, taking care of you is a priority. Let's do this in ways that are deeply nurturing and creative.

Mystical Magical - now is the time to allow your magical gifts and talents to emerge. If you're tired of pretending to be linear and logical, you're going to love this! Shortcuts anyone??? What about superpowers?

Earth Love - Gaia holds wisdom beyond our wildest dreams. Let's deepen our connection with her, in honour of the amazing home she provides for so many, including us.

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All of this for only $55 AUD for the entire YEAR.
Yes... it's your very own golden treasure chest!

*That's one payment of approximately £30, €33 or $39USD for the whole year. Totally irresistible right??!!

 1 Year

 52 Resource Rich Emails

 $1.05 per Email

It's perfect for you if...
  • You know there's 'something else' for you, but you don't know what it is or how to find it.
  • You've been taking linear paths, but you're really seeking a quantum leap into fresh beginnings.
  • You need more than self-care or random social media inspiration, but not the huge commitment of a live program or specific course.
  • You're ready to spend 10 - 30 minutes a week on discovering your own gold!
  • You've always been curious about my work and would love to explore it's many facets before diving in deeper.
I'm Lisa Murray. Creator of *The Gold*. Guardian of Dragons. Lover of the Cosmos. Alchemist.

My vision is for every person to know the truth of who they are, and to be able to choose whatever makes them thrilled to be alive.

My mission is for every leader to consciously co-create the generative, love-fuelled futures that will truly change the planet.

I'm a writer, business and creativity coach/mentor, artist, catalyst for wondrous things and so much more!
If you want all the backstories check out my About page.
*The Gold* is an annual subscription. Once you sign up, you'll receive Lisa's weekly Love Notes via email, which also feature the weekly transformational adventures that make up *The Gold*

When you click on the subscriber link, you are taken to a subscription portal where you can log-in and download each week's inspirational adventure.

Please note that if you wish to keep any of the resources you must download them within the current month. The resources are not available indefinitely.

Your subscription is valid for 52 weeks from the first Friday after you subscribe.


No. Each month we remove the previous month's resources from the subscription portal. As a subscriber you can download everything you desire to keep. 

Please note that due to the tiny price, huge value and the availability of the free trial of *The Gold*, we do not offer refunds.

You can cancel your subscription by logging into your account if you're ready to give up *The Gold*. If you do not cancel, you will be automatically subscribed in year two.


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