Welcome to the DragonHeart's Party.

Connect in celebration of what is. Explore, create and release. Lead from the heart.

This is YOUR party, DragonHeart!

Your Party Hostess

Lisa of the DragonHearts... First of Her Kind. Earth Mystic. Business Alchemist. Door-opener of the Unknown. Activator of Mysteries & Mirth. Sovereign Seeder of Futures. Queen of Fairy Lights (& Herbal Vodka Cocktails). WildHeart. Artist. Word Wizard. Lover of Spontaneous Creations. Guardian of Visionaries.

P.S. Wondering if you are a dragon-heart? If your priority is to create a love-fuelled planet then your dragon-heart is welcome! Dragons bring pure-hearted love to everything.

Are you feeling guilty for looking forward with joy? Or not able to find your joy? In the midst of a dying reality, we are invited to celebrate the now, and reimagine the future.

It's easy to tap into the collective energies and imagine you 'should' be quiet and contained and miserable because life as we know it has come to an almost instant end.

No... Even (and especially!) in the midst of this huge planetary reset, the music of your soul longs to dance naked in its aliveness, flirting with possibilities and flourishing in your leadership.

Your DragonHeart is full of love... for all who are leaving and all that is yet to arrive! Let us bring that love fully into presence, together.

Three Months of DragonHearted Partying.
What goes on?

  • Daily online hangout via Zoom.
    15 minutes of loving and connecting every day, Monday - Friday. (Come whenever you want - there are various times so all timezones can party!)
  • Playful Creation Resources
    Anything in my existing creation library that you need to create your ideas and projects is available (e.g. playbooks from Business Alchemy Lab, the Write In Your Voice series, being visible, moving beyond fear, reclaiming your brilliance, creating income etc) - you just have to ask for what you need and I will see what's available!
  • Nurture Retreat Resources & Adventures
    You'll leave this party feeling better than ever before. (It's hangover-free!) We'll have ad hoc painting/creative/nurture parties together too!
  • Self-Leadership Support
    In our online conversation salon. We'll be playfully discovering how to lead ourselves and others in NEW and joyful ways.
  • Connection
    'Get to know you' Zoom sessions each week. You know how the party always ends up in the kitchen... bring a drink and we'll hangout in smaller groups - because party starters always need to know other party people!
We are grateful... the current DragonHearts cohort is FULL. 
If you would like to be notified next time DragonHearts is open,
please register your interest via the waiting list below!
Please note that, in the meantime, you'll be the lucky recipient of Lisa's almost weekly Love Notes. 
They are full of creative mystery and magic!
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