Connect in celebration of what is.
Explore, create and release.

Lead from the heart.

This is YOUR party, DragonHeart!
Join the party!
What:  A 3 month creation party. 
Where:  Online with Lisa Murray.
Dress: However you celebrate YOU.
When: The champagne pops daily until 30 July, 2020! 
Three Months of DragonHearted Partying.
What goes on?
  • Daily online hangout via Zoom. 
    15 minutes of loving and connecting every day, Monday - Friday. (Come whenever you want - there are various times so all timezones can party!)
  • Playful Creation Resources
    Anything in my existing creation library that you need to create your ideas and projects is available (e.g. playbooks from Business Alchemy Lab, the Write In Your Voice series, being visible, moving beyond fear, reclaiming your brilliance, creating income etc) - you just have to ask for what you need and I will see what's available!
  • Nurture Retreat Resources & Adventures 
    You'll leave this party feeling better than ever before. (It's hangover-free!) We'll have ad hoc painting/creative/nurture parties together too!
  • Self-Leadership Support
    In our online conversation salon. We'll be playfully discovering how to lead ourselves and others in NEW and joyful ways.
  • Connection 
    'Get to know you' Zoom sessions each week. You know how the party always ends up in the kitchen... bring a drink and we'll hangout in smaller groups - because party starters always need to know other party people!
Join the party!
YES... this party is ALL online - so you can join from anywhere!
Bring champagne, tea or your fave herbal elixir.
Your Souls Investment
What price the future? I desire all creative dragon-hearted leaders of our glorious new earth are able to attend.

In the spirit of 'pay what you can' there are three prices to choose from. Please pay the price you can genuinely afford.

I'm offering you access to me on the daily, plus almost anything I have created in the last ten+ years. I am grateful for you honouring that! Please watch the video if you have questions.

If you are seeking sponsorship for this party, please apply here. To sponsor a DragonHeart, go here. Not all DragonHearts have had it easy these last few years!
Upfront Investment
The choices are: AUD $500, $750 or $1000 in total for the three months.
Pay as you go
Or AUD $175 / $250 / $333 AUD per month for each of the three months.
Are you a DragonHeart seeking sponsorship or can you sponsor a DragonHeart? Not all DragonHearts have it easy right now!
*$1000 AUD = approx 500 GBP / 540 EUR / 595 USD

Lisa Murray
Your Party Hostess... Lisa Murray
Lisa of the DragonHearts... First of Her Kind. Earth Mystic. Business Alchemist. Door-opener of the Unknown. Activator of Mysteries & Mirth. Sovereign Seeder of Futures. Queen of Fairy Lights (& Herbal Vodka Cocktails). WildHeart. Artist. Word Wizard. Lover of Spontaneous Creations. Guardian of Visionaries.
Contact Lisa
P.S. Wondering if you are a dragon-heart? If your priority is to create a love-fuelled planet then your dragon-heart is welcome! Dragons bring pure-hearted love to everything.

P.P.S. Are you feeling guilty for looking forward with joy? Or not able to find your joy? In the midst of a dying reality, we are invited to celebrate the now, and reimagine the future.

It's easy to tap into the collective energies and imagine you 'should' be quiet and contained and miserable because life as we know it has come to an almost instant end.

No... Even (and especially!) in the midst of this huge planetary reset, the music of your soul longs to dance naked in its aliveness, flirting with possibilities and flourishing in your leadership.

Your DragonHeart is full of love... for all who are leaving and all that is yet to arrive! Let us bring that love fully into presence, together.

Are You A DragonHeart?
Ever been to a party when you just didn't feel like it?  Did you feel so much better for going? This is THAT party!

DragonHearts bring pure love to Earth in their own unique ways...
  • someone who drank too much reality, crying in the corner (we'll hug you!)
  • playful pranksters who lead us in merry-making (we'll laugh with you!)
  • quirky 'not normals' with fascinating visions (we'll be inspired by you!)
  • curious leaders with courageous DragonHearts (we'll adventure with you!)
  • pure-hearted healers whose kindness and nurturing engages all (we'll adore you!)
  • creative connectors who spark unpredictable conversations (we'll gather round!)
  • a wildcard or three - unleash your unstoppable presence (we love surprises!)
Will There Be Party Games?
YES! But not as you know them! You'll receive so much at our 'restart the world' creation party... support, ideas, resources... (my 'pantry' is well-stocked!) you only have to ask! Shazam!

Together we'll remember the future, as we toast the past and let it go. We, the dragon-hearted visionaries and leaders, are getting this new earth party started! 

Join the party!

The best funerals are a celebration of life.
During this, the deathing of old ways of living and working,
I invite you to join me for the party of all parties.

What do you need to create the future of your dreams??? These are some of the resources available.

Please note availability may not be instant - I have created these alchemical adventures over the last ten years and not all of them are currently in an accessible format. We will do our best to get the resources you ask for to you in a timely way!

And of course you're welcome to be curious and start conversations about what else will be useful during our Party Time online together.

Here are a few of the resources that can be made available by request - a full list will be included in the Party Office ;)

* Creating Income Streams
* Write In Your Voice class
* Writing Retreats (with writing / creation tips)
* Nurture Sessions (Change, Brilliance, Creativity & more)
* Business Alchemy Lab (18+ topics)
* Moving Beyond Fear (call series)
* Money, Love, Power (call series)
* Living Beyond Burnout book (PDF)
* Stop Waiting Start Creating book (PDF)
* Daily Retreat - Journal pages
* Leadership Love - Journal pages
* Creative Alchemi - Tapping Your Intuitive Awareness
* GlowWild (6 topics)
* Stop Paying, Be Paid (call series)

Please note that WildHearts Mysteria School is a totally different experience and not included in this party.

(All times are Brisbane AEST - click the link for your time and date)

Monday 8pm -

Tuesday 12 noon

Wednesday 6am

Thursday 8pm

Friday 9am

There will be party replays - so you won't miss out even if you can't be there!

These are quick Zoom parties - around 15 minutes each - to connect, contribute, clear, change, share some laughs and playtime etc.

You can also stay on longer and talk to each other in small groups once or twice a week if you like. 

We will also have a Support Salon for conversations - it's a private, soothing space - not on Facebook!





Just recently someone asked me why I named this party 'DragonHearts'. It's simple... many years ago the dragons appeared to me in the clouds (yes really!) and they asked if I would bring their energy to the world. I knew they aren't like they have been represented and that it was a YES for me! 

Dragons are beings of pure heart and courage who desire this planet to thrive. If this is what you desire for our amazing New Earth, then you too are a DragonHeart. 

Join the party and let's discover what the Dragons are offering us...

These comments from other parties are just the start of what's possible...

"Lisa knows how to have fun and her playful style brings out the best in others. I love her ability to tap into the real energy of whatever is going on at the time and she always has great questions and tools to suggest." Cassandra Russell

"Lisa is an amazing guide who invites such creative joyful exploration and expression of possibilities. Her Creative Futures workshop allowed me explore and embrace my creative gifts and abilities in a really fun way. I had a return deep dive journey to my spiritual roots, and sacred lineage where I acknowledged, embraced and reclaimed all of my wild divine feminine power and potency, empowering me to create more space and the freedom to more deeply embody and create my greatest future." Kimberley Lovell

"Not only am I brimming with inspiration, I also have a sense of the courage and clarity I possess to bring my creations into fruition." Geraldine Woessner

"Lisa's guidance comes from such a deep, rich space of her own decades of experience navigating the creative process. I trust her guidance and appreciate above all else how she invites me to trust my own process and knowing. This is a priceless gift." Megan Walrod

"I love this delicate and powerful woman, light and determined and the way she can guide everyone to embrace her deepest self. A conversation with her, even at a distance, is worth more than 100 sessions of psychotherapy, life is more fun, more colorful, lighter and works better.

Those around me notice this transformation, I see it, I feel it, but I am not sure of understanding what it is. In Buddhism it is called Hosshaku Kempon - abandoning the transient to reveal the truth.

To accept the idea that someone could help me to do what I already know and I always knew, and to be what I already am and have always been, to accept that I need an external spark to find all this has been the most difficult and most liberating step. A profound transformation experience with unimaginable benefits and I'm sure to be discovered yet, thanks to the light touch of your words."  Anna Laura Petrucci

* Wondering how to pay? After you RSVP, you'll receive your party payment link :) 


Last drinks will be on 30 July 2020, just in time for the grand reopening of Planet Earth.
Invite a friend.
I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the Country on which I live today, the Gubbi Gubbi people, and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. I pay my respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

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