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An Open Love Letter...

Dearest Magical Mystical Seekers & Seeders,
A Turning Point Has Arrived.

A collection of crazy synchronicities and the wild energy of 2020 has thrown me deeply into the truth of who I am; a presence I have rarely exposed to the public eye. 
In other lives I’ve been the oracle, the shaman, the druid, the priestess, the dragon, the faery, the witch, the alchemist…(and so much more).  

I’ve lived the depths of the mystery schools, the nunneries, the sanctuaries... I’ve been the acclaimed and powerful leader, writer, creator… 

Of course I’ve landed in the dark side at times too (as we all do). The warrior, the activist, the gladiator...

Maybe you too are facing a turning point where you know that where you have been is nothing compared to where you can go...

A 200 year old dying tree made me realise I'm absolutely not satisfied to just relive those old experiences again this lifetime, as if the best of the past is enough. That's not a legacy - it's settling for old ways, rather than seeding the new.

It's 2020.  My legacy in this lifetime is to create a mystery school unlike anything that has yet existed.
WildHearts Mysteria is an undefinable, unconfinable experience of the mysteries...
Not from the legends and myths of the past - it is a creation of, and for, our multidimensional futures. It is about NEW and ORIGINAL awareness, whilst acknowledging the contribution of the old where still relevant.

NOW is the time to dive much deeper into all that has been seeding and germinating in these last years, allowing our magic and truth to deepen and expand.

Are you seeking an extraordinary experience?
Over the next three months we will be exploring what WildHearts Mysteria can be… for YOU!

Will you join me on a journey into the mysterious and mystical unknown? 

We will traverse the earth and the cosmos, the elements and the elementals, conscious action and consciousness. 

My dragon friends (and many unseen others) will be with us. We will be guided by our WildHearts and our WiseHearts in our exploration of possibilities.

I can make no promises about the exact format or 'what' you receive - that will emerge as we connect and commune. It is an experience that we co-create through presence and participation (It's not a course or class.) 

I do absolutely promise that I will be intensely present with you and the creative energies that seek our presence. I will bring everything that is relevant, from all lifetimes, timelines and realities. 

I don't hold back! 

When the words ‘mystery school’ initially emerged a few months back, I had a flicker of ‘who am I to…?’ 

I decided to trust the cosmos instead.
There is no defining a WildHeart. 
There is only the living of it.

* If you are ready to tend to the aliveness of the flames of the Divine in you… 

* If you are ready to discover the truth of you... 

* If you are ready to surrender to the mysteries of your presence on this planet at this time... please join me.

To be clear, this is about wholeness and oneness.

It is not a feminine mystery school or a goddess school. 

It is open to mysteria seekers and seeders of all genders. 

It includes the joining and integration of many energies which have held us separate and divided for eons. 

We will not be glossing over the top of things. At times we will visit the dark so that we can bring light.

I cannot imagine a greater way to open the doors to 2020.

We are in a time of infinite truth and unlimited change. 

The wild is our true sanctuary.

The earth and the cosmos have made their clarion call. 

If you hear this call in your heart, please join me. You’ll KNOW if this is for you. 

Trust your wild, wise heart! There is nothing to fear and much to receive and allow.

Into the pure, luminescent truth of our being we go... 

with great love,
A Welcome From Lisa...
I am both astonished and ecstatic that we are here in this space together. I have a knowing that this will be transformational in ways that 'fixing' things simply cannot be. It's a home-coming to the truth of you.

Welcome, Dear One, to the Oneness, experienced through the wholeness of you.
You'll experience...
+ Nurturing and insightful support during the big shifts - personal and collective.
+ An awareness of who you truly are, beyond limitations & definitions.
+ Multi-dimensional adventures that bring you alive.

Curious how it is for participants? They have their say below... :)
Please Register Here...

The wildly tiny price is $75 AUD per month for 3 months (total $225*). Please note this is an experience that lasts for three months and if you choose a payment plan, you are agreeing that you will make all three payments.

(That's approximately 47 EUR, $51 USD, 40 GBP per month.)

Registration is open until Wednesday 12 February 2020. ​​

We have a private and nurturing online space (not on Facebook) where all resources and conversations are available.

As you register you will receive the information for joining this glorious group. 

Please know WildHearts Mysteria is for your personal experience only. The content is not to be shared or taught in any way external to our private group. My normal terms and conditions of service apply.

If you know someone who would love this, you are most welcome to let them know about it. :)
What is *Contribute More* ? If you know my work, you will know that this is incredible value. I was guided to offer the choice to contribute extra if you desire to. No expectations... your choice of amount! Please note this is not instead of the monthly charge - it is in addition. Payment is once only via Paypal. 
What is the format?

Lisa Murray will deliver the experience online, via a combination of live video, pre-posted video, audio and written materials. You can join us from anywhere in the world.

When are the live calls?

Live calls will mostly be at 6am AEST (Brisbane, Australia) to accommodate as many timezones as possible. They will be on a variety of days to allow for different schedules.

If you have need of a different time for a live call, you can make a request via our Virtual Fairy and she will include your needs in our planning.

The first call will be on 12 February 2020 at 6am AEST (Brisbane time). Check your time and date here:


What is the source of the content?

This Mysteria School is not aligned or affiliated with any religion, philosophy or modality. The resources are directly downloaded from Source and come in the purest form possible right now. The live calls also access Lisa's awareness and personal experience.

You are invited to experience WildHearts Mysteria through the most unfiltered lens you can access and to only take that which resonates. 

"Thank you for this Mysteria School. It has awakened a beauty and peace that I am truly falling in love with." 
~ Pamela

"The anxiety I have been experiencing is much reduced, maybe even by 90%." 
~ Marina

"It's been an amazing journey; the clearings and awarenesses of our 'past' live wounds have been such a contribution... as have the healing immersion meditations/loops. I've loved the balance of supportive live calls and time to self-explore. And having copies of calls etc and a chat space all on one platform has been great. Thank you Lisa Murray and Mysteria School!"
~ Cheryl

"As we travel through Mysteria I feel my commitment to what I'm doing with my life deepen, as it shows up in so much of where my personal journeys into the mystery take me.

And at the same time there have been significant shifts in my perception of what power there is within me that I've overlooked, and how much work I've already done that I'd never acknowledged.

I like that this has been there to discover in the spaces between our learning together, rather than being taught, for if I find it myself it feels real instead of something I've been told.

For me Mysteria is proving to be timely and life affirming self discovery and I'm very grateful for it." 
~ Ana

JOIN US... you'll receive the first adventure as soon as you register!

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