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What's different about the burnout breakthrough model?

Burnout Breakthrough Model
After three rounds of burnout I was determined to never go there again. This model is the result of ten years of experiments and explorations as to what truly makes a difference.
Living the model in your daily life means you won't have to worry about repeating old patterns or being 'careful' with your energy for the rest of your life.

It's a new way of being that goes far beyond balance, into the generative equilibrium of making daily choices that bring you alive.

Where are you now?
Maybe you're wondering... Am I tired, depressed, or do I have burnout?
Maybe you're so overwhelmed you don't know where to start in unravelling this mess called fatigue.

Maybe you know where you are and you have a vision for your wellbeing, but you don't know how to get there.

Find out if you have burnout.

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Your steps to Burnout Breakthrough...

What kind of support are you seeking?

You're going well by yourself. You just need a little extra inspiration in the form of blog posts and interviews.

You'll also find the Living Beyond Burnout book is a great guide for ensuring that your exhaustion does not return once you've grown beyond it!

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You know you need personalised support to get to the core of what's causing this. You have big things at risk (like your job, your sanity, your health) and you need a permanent transformation.

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Lisa Murray
Your culture is creating constant churn in your team. Your sick leave is off the charts and no-one dares take all of their holidays because they have too much work to do.

OR... you are a visionary. You know your industry is prone to burnout and you know prevention is *always* the best cure!

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You're here because you're tired of being tired.

You've tried all the obvious changes like getting more sleep, resting and overdosing on vitamins.

You've discovered bandaids don't make much more than a temporary dent in the constant fatigue that plagues you night and day.

You may also have tried body-focused treatments like diet, pills, naturopathy, massage, exercise... they've helped and you still don't feel great!

You're looking for a different way forward. Keep reading to explore some different choices!

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Living Beyond Burnout
Lisa Murray

Meet Lisa

No stranger to burnout and the corporate world, Lisa is the author of Stop Waiting, Start Creating & Living Beyond Burnout.

Lisa works with business leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives and change-leaders to embrace and expand the blossoming of their creative energies in developing new ways forward in business and life.

Her programs and events offer a supportive community and ground-breaking strategies for people with overwhelm, anxiety, fatigue & burnout.


Praise for Living Beyond Burnout

Michelle Gee, UK

"This book is truly profound. It is so much more than a book. It's an artwork, a life's work.... a gift to create with from beyond this reality. I have read and consulted with many burnout experts.
No one and nothing has offered me a different perspective that actually works for me, until now. I now have hope that I too have a grand and glorious future of phenomenal creation rather than exhausting body maintenance."
Cassandra Russell, Australia

"Lisa's story is compelling and relatable. We need to be having more conversations about burnout and the insidious impact our current way of working and treating each other is having on each of us.
I enjoy Lisa's writing style, her sense of humour and the occasional f bomb. The practical tips included in this book are doable - if we just get out of our own way and BE."
Gabrielle Conescu, Australia

"Lisa, I want to let you know your book is full of treasure for me. I am so grateful to hear the perspective of someone who has propelled herself to realms of limitless possibility."

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Find out how to breakthrough burnout
Discover which element of the Burnout Breakthrough Model will create energy the fastest for YOU...


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