Let Go & Flow - 7 Days of Magic! 
The antidote to uncertainty and the unknown is finding your flow.
Letting go makes space for new choices to emerge. 
Join the "Let Go & Flow" adventure... 
DAY 1:  We'll identify what you most need to let go of for flow to come alive.
DAY 2: We'll melt resistance and allow surrender to take the lead.
DAY 3: Discover three simple ways to let go - on our live call together.
DAY 4: Ideas for embodying peace... whatever you are facing, it's not the end.
DAY 5: Meet the new YOU - after letting go, you become more YOU!
DAY 6: Start loving the unknown. Just one new choice creates momentum.
DAY 7: Inviting the flow that liberation brings - on our final call together.

Hi! Lisa Murray here, creator and founder of Creative Alchemi™.

I've been facilitating and guiding intuitive and energy alchemy practices for over fifteen years. I am the author of 'Stop Waiting, Start Creating' and 'Living Beyond Burnout' and I've created over 125 live and online classes.

Let Go & Flow' offers the kind of support I wish had been available when I lost everything. 

Through the "Let Go & Flow' experience we free ourselves of old stuff (energies, experiences, ideas, lies, emotions etc) that is holding us back, keeping us miserable or slowing us down.

Letting Go is one of the big keys for creating with this glorious new earth we are so ready for!

In seeking wholeness and the purest love, I've been deep in the realms of letting go... It's an essential part of bringing the New Earth alive in our daily experience.

Sometimes there seems to be SO much to let go of...

* Are you grieving the losses of the last couple of years?

* Are you holding onto something or someone you know isn't working for you?

* Are you wondering how to restore your magical creative flow?

* Do you sense it's time to more deeply trust your powerful soul-knowing rather than live in fear (or any other emotion that's keeping you stuck!)?

* Do you 'deep in your bones' know that the key to moving forward is letting go of the need for certainty, sameness and the old ways of being?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, this magical week of "Let Go & Flow" is designed specifically to support YOU.

I choose to live in the mystical
FLOWS of possibility...
of new earth, new ways of being, working and living.
My true liberation as an infinite being starts here!
^^^   Your new mantra!!   ^^^
Call 1 ::  Powerful Tools for Letting Go  (replay)
  • Identify what you need to let go of to allow space for the new.
  • Learn simple techniques to let go of the old, making space for the new.
  • Discover a great strategy for dealing with resistance & embodying sweet surrender.
Call 2 ::  Inviting & Enjoying Flow (replay)
  • Expand your calm, potent presence to identify the possibilities that are FOR you.
  • Explore the physical and energetic foundations that allow your unique possibilities to flow.
  • Explore your capacity to love the unknown and thrive through uncertainty.
* Includes full 7 day Let Go & Flow adventure.
* Includes full Let Go & Flow adventure PLUS a 1-1 call with Lisa.
What Clients Say...
"Thanks Lisa. That was truly amazing. I could feel my cells re-organize for hours after. I'm feeling optimistic and my power is coming back to me. Looking forward to what I can create in my life."
- Trina Smith, Australia
"Hi Lisa, ever since our coaching session I have worked on my project - daily first thing. I'm launching it next week. And, I'm sitting here in front of the river and feel so connected to the trees, (and the magic) just like I did when I was a kid. Thank you for helping me get off my backside and committing to what I have been avoiding. Deep gratitude."
- Gina Stamos, Australia
"Lisa is someone who comes to the core quickly and easily, can express things beautifully and clearly and does not go for less than is possible. You can not lead yourself around the garden in her presence!"
- Petra Siemers, The Netherlands
"Lisa's coaching style is unique, refreshing and it works. Lisa knows how to have fun and her playful style brings out the best in others. I love her
ability to tap into the real energy of whatever is going on at the time and
she always has great questions and tools to suggest." 

- Cass Russell, Australia
"Lisa asked me a couple of questions that made my own unacknowledged and unique brilliance with creation and money simmer and it amplified what I know.

Thank you Lisa! 
Everyone should know you and work with you!"

- Merlijn Wolsink, The Netherlands
BONUS #1: Private Community

A safe and gentle space for explorations, connections and conversations as you play with the possibilities emerging from your courageous letting go.

Flow includes engagement with the world in inspiring, creative ways! I'll be starting daily conversations in the group!

BONUS #2: Energy Immersion - 'Inviting Creative Possibilities'

My energy immersions are magical, mystical, multi-dimensional activations that occur through the coded alchemy in my voice.

Imagine a meditation or a visualisation, but way more potent!
Timing & Logistics
Allow 15 - 30 minutes a day to complete the activity for the day. Your presence and actions will bring flow fully alive! 
The calls were originally recorded live and are now available as replays. Please note the private group is for your collective connections and conversations. If you need 1-1 attention, please book a session with Lisa.
Approximate exchange rate via XE.com as at 1 July 2021: 
$33 AUD = 21 EUR  /  18 GBP  /  $25 USD
$333 AUD = 210 EUR  /  180 GBP / $249 USD
100% Qoin available for the $33 offer. 50% Qoin available for the Deluxe $333 offer. 
Please email [email protected] to register via Qoin.
Welcome home STAR BEING...
to the joy of multidimensional living.
I adore you and your courageous presence - here, now.
What is the format?
Upon registration you'll receive log-in details that will give you access to the daily adventures and resources.
There is a private community forum where you can share your experiences and connect with others (available when you log-in). 

If you desire 1-1 support from Lisa, please choose the Deluxe offer. You will need to book your session within 30 days of your purchase of Let Go & Flow.
Can I have a payment plan?
Payment plans are not available for this adventure, due to its minimal pricing and short length.

If you KNOW this is essential to you but you do not have $33 to attend, please let me know and we will find a way. I know it's been a difficult year financially for many.
Do you offer refunds?
No refunds are available. I have many free and low cost resources that allow you to experience my work and its results.

This work is powerful and generative if you apply it.
What can we do in the mentoring sessions?
When you register for mentoring, you'll receive a link to book your session.

We will use your current awareness as the starting point for the session. 

Possibilities include:
  • Doing a deeper 'letting go' than you can safely do by yourself.
  • Intuitively exploring possibilities and ideas you may not yet have imagined that are 'waiting' for you.
  • Unplanning your way forward, so that you know where to start and how you will approach your visions and possibilities.
  • Removing energy blocks and allowing your heart and soul to lead.
  • Releasing burnout and (re)activating your gorgeous, glorious creation energies. 
  • Connecting with your energetic team to explore other possibilities.
  • Letting go of anything that no longer serves you.
  • Becoming undimmable, developing trust in yourself and your magic.
  • And anything that's on my coaching page!  >>> www.LisaMurray.co/coaching.

If you have questions, please ask. I coach and mentor in many areas as my intuitive knowing of which questions to explore takes us to exactly where you need to be.

Often I receive downloads of information which make perfect sense to you, not so much to me ;) 
What else do people say about creating with Lisa?
These comments are just the start of what's possible...

"Lisa is an amazing guide who invites such creative joyful exploration and expression of possibilities. Her Creative Futures workshop allowed me explore and embrace my creative gifts and abilities in a really fun way. I had a return deep dive journey to my spiritual roots, and sacred lineage where I acknowledged, embraced and reclaimed all of my wild divine feminine power and potency, empowering me to create more space and the freedom to more deeply embody and create my greatest future." Kimberley Lovell

"Not only am I brimming with inspiration, I also have a sense of the courage and clarity I possess to bring my creations into fruition." Geraldine Woessner

"Lisa's guidance comes from such a deep, rich space of her own decades of experience navigating the creative process. I trust her guidance and appreciate above all else how she invites me to trust my own process and knowing. This is a priceless gift." Megan Walrod

"I love this delicate and powerful woman, light and determined and the way she can guide everyone to embrace her deepest self. A conversation with her, even at a distance, is worth more than 100 sessions of psychotherapy, life is more fun, more colorful, lighter and works better.

Those around me notice this transformation, I see it, I feel it, but I am not sure of understanding what it is. In Buddhism it is called Hosshaku Kempon - abandoning the transient to reveal the truth.

To accept the idea that someone could help me to do what I already know and I always knew, and to be what I already am and have always been, to accept that I need an external spark to find all this has been the most difficult and most liberating step. A profound transformation experience with unimaginable benefits, thanks to the light touch of your words." Anna Laura Petrucci


Can I teach this work?
If you are buying because you are curious but don't intend to do the work, or you intend to take the idea and create your version of it, Let Go & Flow is not for you.

Please know my dragons will eat your business for dinner if you steal from me in any form.

These calls are for your personal experience and embodiment, NOT a licence for you to teach others this work or share it freely.

How long do I have access to this experience?
The core concepts for the 7 Days of Let Go & Flow will be offered in a downloadable PDF that you can keep for as long as you like. If you desire to keep the pdf or the call replays, please download within 30 days of purchase.

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