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iTeraCare Frequency Devices

If you've ever wondered why your body's self-healing mechanisms seem to be out of sorts, join us for a creative exploration of the deep wellbeing that new terahertz frequency devices are making possible.


* How to sleep better & decrease discomfort...

* How to become fully hydrated...

* How to bring aliveness into your body & being...

* How to increase your body's ability to self-heal...

& so much more!

During our hour together, you'll be able to ask any questions you may have about the iTeraCare products or the iTeraCare business opportunity. And you'll hear some first-hand testimonials from people who are already using the products!
P.S. We offer these 'Introduction to iTeraCare Frequency Devices' conversations every couple of weeks. If you can't join us on the date and time above, check back on this page for the next event.
YOUR LOCAL TIME & DATE: (to be confirmed)
Zoom details and time and date links will be added closer to each event.
This is the iTeraCare frequency wellbeing product suite.
You can buy from a distributor for personal use or you can become a distributor and create a business.
If you want to know more or desire to buy, please contact the person who introduced you to these products OR contact us if you found this page via search or our podcast. 
iTera - Classic  ::  $420 USD for Australia
The Classic is great for personal use and can be shared with your family. Drinking the charged water is a great clean-up and clean-out for your cells and assists your body to let go of dead cells and activate new cell growth. You can also charge your other food and drinks with it!
Use the wand for alleviating pain, detoxing, clearing blockages, opening up meridian points and deepening your meditation practice.  
It's the 'junior' version of the Pro - and still very effective!
iTera - Pro :: $4200 USD for Australia
The Pro does everything the Classic does - faster, quieter and more gently. If you're a wellbeing practitioner or coach desiring to add another element to your work, or another income stream to your business, the Pro is for you!
It doesn't need to cool down like the Classic does and has more power and more settings to choose from.  
In my personal experience it also generates profound transformation when used meditatively.
ION Shield Pendant ::  $420 USD for Australia
This tiny gorgeous pendant creates a negative ion shield around you, ensuring that germs, viruses and other disruptive energies stay away.  It's like being bathed in a forest near a waterfall all day!
The iTeraCare IONShield promotes blood circulation, improves the respiratory system and neutralises free radicals, helps you sleep well and purifies the air around you. It's anti-viral and anti-bacterial.
You can wear the IONShield pendant for up to 9 hours without needing a recharge and it will last up to 10 years.  Please note - check with your stockist for currently available colours.
PRICING: Please note that country pricing applies due to distribution, import duties, taxation and shipping arrangements. Before making payment, check with your Sponsor for the correct pricing for your location. 
* Prices above are for Australia and will differ for other countries. Shipping is included for Australia as we have a local stockist.
*OTHER PRODUCTS NOT LISTED ABOVE:  iTeraCare Premium Wand; iTeraCare Bio Frequency Foot Spa; 7 Wonders Hydrogen Water.
About Your iTeraCare Guide :: Lisa Murray
My first session with an iTeraCare wand in April 2022 resulted in a long-standing rotator cuff injury fully dissipating, and a wonderful meditative experience.
As an intuitive energy healer, I saw the magnitude of possibilities instantly. 'Order me one now please' was my response!
In just a few months, I've grown a thriving iTeraCare business and enjoyed many more success stories relating to the health and wellbeing of myself and hundreds of others. 
For me, everything is energy and it makes perfect sense that Einstein predicted: "Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies."

The future of wellbeing is here. The key question is "How will you co-create with it?"

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