The kind of liberation where...
Your glow emerges from the depths of your joy.
Your wild emerges from your truth set free.
Your magic emerges from your whole-hearted presence...

And yet, illuminating your joy, your truth and your presence in this crazy world seems more exhausting than ever.
You've had plenty of energy clearings and healings... And you know there must be MORE to life than this!

Being a bold and sovereign leader asks you to:
  • allow change, by deeply trusting your awareness and breaking through illusions;
  • be a lighthouse, by building a foundation of courage, integrity & pure-hearted love;
  • share your magic and your gifts, by healing the darkness that shrouds what's true for you; and,
  • create in energetic harmony with the earth, the elements and elementals;
  • embody quantum leaps, by making the big asks and unexpected choices that create them.

Your true magic cannot emerge in the presence of an endless cacophony of should's, must's, have-to's and non-stop rules. GlowWild liberates you from living as a slave to 'normal'.

You are seeking what is (finally!) now available!

You are not broken, but you've lived lifetimes as a non-sovereign being. It's time to break the programming.

GLOW WILD is your invitation to discover how to LIVE the truth of you.


"GlowWild is a flexible, creative, experiential adventure in living that is designed to be deeply, wildly relevant to you, your life and your future."

GlowWild invites you to embody your infinite magic, without the non-stop doing, trying, searching and seeking.
It's a nature-synchronised energy frequency that liberates your capacity to receive.

Living as an Experiment
You keep seeking formulas for fixing your life, as if an instant fix can make your success certain and your spirit deeply happy.

The only "formula" that works is discovering what is true for you and finding the courage to live it, without seeking permission or offering apologies.

Are you ready to romance creative possibilities and enjoy the kinds of adventures that are playful AND deeply satisfying?

June 2021 - Discover how *Living As An Experiment* will create the kind of miraculous life you know IS possible.

Over and over you find yourself living other people's lives. Falling into their worlds. Putting them first.​ Forgetting YOU.

Kindness is one of your brilliances. Stop using it against yourself. Stop making everyone except you happy. Stop wasting your time and energy with people and places that aren't grateful!

​Are you ready to exponentialise the impact of your kindness in the world? Imagine having generative boundaries!

July 2021 - *Healthy Choices For Kind People* will revolutionise every choice you make.

Healthy choices for kind people
Making peace with money
Our BIG asks are the invitation of the universe to create through PLAY instead of work. It's a space of being rather than doing!

Our BIG asks are the enticement the UNIVERSE needs to deliver on a much grander scale than we have had the courage to ask for or receive.

Our BIG asks are wildcard gifts of energetic contribution and INSPIRATION for everyone connected with them.

Our BIG asks can move universes where a small ask changes nothing...

August 2021 - *The BIG Ask* invites you to change anything that stops you creating boldly.

"GlowWild brings the radiance of your wild spirit into your everyday choices. Welcome to deep communion with the mystery of your magic."

We all want reassurance that what we're aware of is true or real. The thing is, it's true and it's not true, all at once. That's what multiple timelines and realities creates.

Don't let anyone gaslight you into not trusting your awareness - you are not crazy, stupid or inept - you simply perceive realities and possibilities they don't get yet.

This doesn't mean you don't seek support when you need it. It means you stop automatically making other people's points of view more right than yours.

When you trust you, your actions become aligned with the energies of creation. The more you trust you, the more ease will emerge.

September 2021 - During *Trusting Your Awareness* you'll discover beautiful ways to build trust in your choices.

Stop settling for less
Raise your sassy voice
It's easy to be funny with your nearest and dearest, to sing in the shower, to tell the world what you really think (privately) or to write notebooks full of poetry...

It's harder to bring that sassy voice into the public eye, standing strong in the face of pressure to conform.

Your aliveness springs from your courage and confidence. It is upheld by your fierce determination that no-one can quell or quieten your voice. After this, there'll be no stopping you.

You'll never be not enough, or too much. Your authentic presence will ring clear — unmistakeable & irresistible.

October 2021 - During *Raise Your Sassy Voice* you'll have the pleasure of expressing the truth and magic of you, your way.

You've tried to belong, but you just don't fit. Or maybe you can fit in anywhere, but you can't stand belonging to the cult of average. You're too different to do things how everyone else does.

Your difference is a gift that is unwrapped as you BE a leader. Not just any leader. A leader who knows and practices the alchemi of inclusion.

This is about bringing your unique capacity for conscious, sovereign leadership to the party of creation, so that everyone gets what they need, including you. Sameness and separation are so last century!

November 2021 - Leading with *The Alchemi of Inclusion* moves you further into the oneness and communion you are here to create as part of the New Earth.

The alchemi of inclusion

1 June -  30 November 2021

The SPLENDOUR Personal Program includes:

  • Each theme is introduced via an energy immersion (like meditation but so much better!), a story, and a kit of creation resources.
  • Each month offers a playful invitation to immerse yourself in creating a project that transforms an important part of your life or business.
  • A 60 minute monthly live call for gently moving deeper into the transformation via your questions.
  • A private community where you can connect and converse with other wild-hearted adventurers. (Not on social media.)

The LUMINARY Business Roundtable includes:

  • Everything in the Splendour Personal Program, AND...
  • Bi-weekly 60-90 minute Business / Creation Roundtable. (Focus: Intuition based Connection, Strategy & Implementation).
  • We'll apply the monthly GlowWild Splendour Theme to your business, focusing on impact and income-producing activities. (e.g. marketing, creating and launching offers and products, and growing a community of true fans.)
  • Access to practical resources from my Business Alchemy Lab, Finishathon & the Income Stream Creation Program to assist you in creating your business in the new energies.
  • A private podcast series exploring new energies of business for creating sustainable and conscious ways of thriving and creating together. The future is collective!
Bonus Resources:
These themes include an energy immersion & playbook for you to explore at your leisure.
Opening to receive more involves a total energetic reset. You're going to learn to say NO on a scale that is wildly magical.

You'll also discover how your BIG YESSES can materialise boldly and effortlessly.

Ready to bathe in the delicious glow of success? 
Experience the joy of upgrading your life with ease.
You want more money, and yet, every time you get some, you feel conflicted... it's not enough, you had to work too hard for it, or you had to compromise who you are or what you stand for to get it.

Fighting money stops it from coming to you with ease. Are you ready to give money a big wild warm welcome? 
Join GlowWild for personal joy & business bliss...
1 June, 2021:


* Please note this is a six month program (not a monthly subscription). The Creative Alchemi Terms & Conditions of Service apply. 

** For currency conversions check here: Please note rates may vary depending on your bank.

$100 AUD = (approximately) $76USD -- 65€ -- £55 -- As at 5 Apr 2021.

*** If you would like to pay in Qoin (Australia only), please contact me directly.


A note from Lisa...

When I asked myself how would I love to live, GlowWild emerged. First as an energy for me to enjoy... and secondly as a collection of inspirations for illuminating my wild sovereign nature every single day.

I'm happiest when I'm being all of me, all of the time... not just a ten minute taster in between the busyness of living and creating big!

And of course - magical adventures are always more delicious when shared. I'd be SO delighted to play with you over this next six months!

Lisa Murray is the Australian founder of Creative Alchemi™. An MBA qualified business & creativity coach, Lisa's vision is to make living into a playful, satisfying adventure rather than a predictable daily grind.

Lisa is the author of 'Stop Waiting, Start Creating' & 'Living Beyond Burnout'. She inspires entrepreneurs, change-leaders and creatives to embrace the blossoming of their vision in creating greater futures. Find out more at ::



* Potent leaders who live and create intuitively and energetically (and we'll expand your capacities with this too!)

* Conscious creatives and creators who are seeking transformational self-expression & awareness.

* Leaders who want to be able to trust their own leadership, without doubt!

* Futurists and trail-blazers who are building powerful platforms for creating new paradigms in the world.

* Wild-hearted entrepreneurs who are ready to own their true magic, express their true potency and get paid for it!

* Adventurers who know there must be more... YOU!

GLOWWILD is different - it meets you exactly where you are... and shows you how to confidently move forward into the futures you know are possible.


GlowWild is YOUR adventure! Each month I'll guide you to choose an adventure or experiment that is relevant to your life, your future and your desires for illuminating your true magic. You get to choose how much time you give to that adventure!

GlowWild is an experiential program - it's about LIVING the change, rather than just absorbing information. It's about finding personal ways to consistently illuminate your true magic so that the change lasts long after the program finishes.

So... you can spend an hour a week... or ten hours a week! Whatever you choose will move you forward.

P.S. In the Business Roundtable, you receive a series of audio recordings about the future of business. You can implement these ideas or save them for when you're ready.

Both businesses and people thrive when there is space to grow. GlowWild is as much about creating space as it is about doing all the things!


Calls will either be at 6am AEST or 8pm AEST (Brisbane) to account for Australian, European and American timezones.

The Zoom schedule is:
Week 1 - Luminary Strategy Call
Week 2 - Splendour Monthly Theme Call
Week 3 - Luminary Implementation Call
Week 4 - Space for integration and creation

You'll receive the call recording and you can ask questions in advance if you can't be on live.

The Bonus Resources (ie Making Peace With Money & Stop Settling For Less) are available upon registration and do not have live calls - if you need clarification, please ask in the other calls. 


Beautiful creative ways of nurturing you. Remember what it is to be deeply relaxed...

A vision for your life that will put the spark in your eyes and a glow in your energy again.

The expression of your spirit through your words, choices and adventures.

The life-changing choices you'd most love to make.

The spaces beyond your comfort zone (with the support of people who have been there).

The difference you can be in the world, with ease.

The quirky creative you that is begging to play more.

Letting go of your mind and allowing your intuitive awareness to lead you forward.

New ways to bring creative harmony into your everyday life.

Choosing more for you, without guilt!

New ways of creating your business with generosity, authenticity and sovereign choice.

>>> YES! Pretty much anything you choose! GlowWild is a creative space with inbuilt flexibility and a mission to enable you to discover the truth and magic of you - without having to define or limit who you are in any way.



Each business roundtable will have up to six participants. Multiple groups are possible and groups will be held based on timezones for greatest ease.

There are two roundtables per month - the first will focus on strategy and the second on implementation.

We'll start with an overview of the month's topic and how it connects with business. Each person will have hotseat time to ask specific questions. There will also be a Business Lounge where you can connect with each other and ask questions between the calls.

We will explore new ways of creating your business with generosity, authenticity and sovereign choice.

GlowWild is a creative space with inbuilt flexibility and a mission to enable you to discover the truth and magic of you - without having to define or limit who you are or what you offer.

If you desire 1-1 insights for your business or life, there are two ways you can access this:

Business and creation coaching (live on Zoom).

Flexicoaching (affordable messaging option).

If you prefer a monthly 1-1 business session rather than the Business Roundtable, please email me with your needs and I will respond with special GlowWild pricing (only applicable for a six month commitment).

In fun, playful ways!

Communication is via our private community in your GlowWild portal.

Calls & conversations are online via Zoom.

A Creative Resource Kit for each theme will be added to on the first of each month, including energy immersions, mini podcasts, transformative questions, inspiration for creating your wildest ever experiments and adventures & more!

The Bonus Resources are available from 21 May, 2021.

Your GlowWild Adventure STARTS 1 JUNE 2021

1 June, 2021:


Got Questions? Contact Lisa!

P.S. Don't even think of taking, copying or repurposing any of my words or my work. I'm not joking about the dragons. They get hungry too...

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