3 Ways To Invite WildHearted Transformations

9 Aug 2019

Wildhearts make the choices that others shy away from. Not because they have more courage; because they can't go backwards!

Once you choose to follow the wisdom of your wild heart, you cannot live as if it doesn't exist. 

Instead of fitting in and dying on the inside, your choices transform the status quo into energised, dynamic possibilities.

Through your choices, your deeply original alchemy transforms the status quo into energised, dynamic possibilities.

Here's three ways a Senser of Wildhearted Transformations creates the 'impossible'...

You may be still in the creative process of activating all of these elements. The world better be ready for a walk on the wild side when you do!


You honour your place on this earth by reclaiming and fully owning your unlimited potency and power.

Your insightful brilliance is lead by conscious awareness. Your choices are lead by your heart.

You know you have everything you need to create impactful momentum. You refuse to wait for the world to catch up. 

You ask for total awareness and quantum leaps.


You are awake to the truth of who you truly are. Your presence is resonant with the truth of your choices. You show up in your raw, real wholeness and oneness, whether people are watching or not.

You honour people with respect, integrity and loving kindness. You have boundaries without expectations. You trust you. You have your own back.

Your radical voice rings clear, loud and with purity of heart. You cannot be silenced. 

You ask to liberate possibilities.


You know you are everything, so you are always more than enough.

You are courageously, obviously unconventional. You embrace uncertainty.

You joyfully acknowledge your difference and the difference you make. You are evolution in motion.

You are powered by intense gratitude - for you and the world you are changing. 

You ask to be all that you are.

Author: Lisa Murray
Lisa got burnout three times so she didn't have to admit to the world she's a Wildheart. The strange thing was, it was already obvious to everyone except Lisa.

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