Find Time For Real Self-Care

10 Aug 2019

You’re busy. Self-care seems like such an indulgent luxury in the context of your life. You have goals. Deadlines. Family responsibilities. Bills to pay!

It seems like these things are so much more important than self-care. And yet, without self-care, you’ll find all of them are much harder than they need to be!

Self-care, or self-nurture as I prefer to call it, is a blisscipline that provides the energetic and soul-fuelled foundation for joy, self-expression, deep relaxation, peace and possibilities. Without it there is no space for what you truly desire to come to you. 

Self-nurture is the difference between non-stop doing, and being.
Between working hard, and having work you love.
Between having connected nurturing relationships, and feeling alone.

What IS Self-Care?

Are you starting to realise that self-care isn’t what is presented in all the magazines? It’s not about massages, manicures and going shopping. Those things are all lovely and yet true self-nurture doesn’t need money.

It’s about giving yourself space to breathe. Allowing yourself to disconnect with the outside world and become present with YOU. It’s about saying no to all the demands and expectations that don’t feed your spirit, and a wild-hearted YES to all that does.  

It’s about enjoying the sensory joy of having your feet on the earth, the sun on your face and the wind in your hair.

Choosing Self-Care First

The surprising thing about finding time for self-care is that it starts with getting clear… on what kind of life you desire, on what makes your heart happy, on what makes you feel alive and thriving.

Once you know what that is, you’ll clearly see what is killing you… and where the time can be found to have more of what brings you bliss.

Your wild-hearted freedom starts with one tiny question.  “Will this bring me joy or ease?” If not, find a way to say no and then use that time and energy for YOU. 

How to Stop The Resistance

You’re probably thinking “but what about all the things I HAVE to do?”

You always have choice - you can enjoy doing them in which case your self-nurture energy is nurtured and nourished, or you can detest doing them, in which case your life-force energy gets used up in resentment or misery.

Blisscipline is the capacity to find the bliss in every action. The more bliss you engage with, the more bliss you’ll have!

Your point of view creates your reality. It's HOW you do something that creates self-care, not WHAT you are doing. 

Some of the most admired people in the world gave us great examples of this - think Nelson Mandela, Ghandi and Maya Angelou. 

On a smaller scale, enjoying the satisfaction of getting my taxes done rather than having them skulk around the back of my to-do list is what gets me through them.

Experiment! Change your point of view about something you 'have to' do and watch the energy of the situation change. That's creative alchemi in action!

What will you change your perspective on this week so that you can embody the energy of self-care more joyfully?

Tell us about it in the comments below!

If you found this conversation insightful, please share it with anyone you know who would benefit. Together we rise. 

Author: Lisa Murray
Lisa Murray discovered the importance of self-care after years of overwork and people-pleasing lead to severe burnout. 

She resisted self-care for far too long (#becausewhosgottimeforthat) and it nearly killed her. Don't be like Lisa. 

You can find out more about Lisa's unique approaches to mystical, magical self-care in the Mysteria course (if you're going through a dark night of the soul), or in The Harmony Circles membership. 
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