Dear Weird YOU...

10 Aug 2019
Dear Weird You...

Your weird makes you YOU.
 It doesn’t have to break you.

Your weird creates your future. Please stop looking back.

Your weird makes your creative brilliance stand out. Stop shutting it down.

Your weird allows you to find joy in the details. Allow those pleasures to expand.

Your weird makes people adore you. When you stop hiding it by pretending to be normal.

Your weird freaks people out. Only if they do not embrace their own.

Your weird takes you on adventures. Let them inspire your courage.

Your weird sets you apart from the crowd. Don’t allow it to create separation or loneliness.

Your weird makes you a genius in your field. Be as uncontainable as you are, without apology.

Your weird creates quantum leaps. Give up trying to make them logical so others can understand.

Your weird sense of style can be intimidating. Unless your heart is so open that you are totally irresistible.

Your weird makes you avoid rejection. Stop judging you and you’ll find others who don’t judge.

Your weird makes life unpredictable. Know that consistency is a recipe for compromise.

Your weird is funny to you. Remember that you’ve met poodles smarter than the humourless people that don’t get you.

Your weird stops you from living in a comfort bubble. Stay weird!!
You Are WEIRD. You Are NOT Broken.
You need to know this. You are weird. You are NOT broken. You are not wrong. You do not need fixing.

Every wisp of weirdness you’ve ever been anxious about was simply an invitation to love yourself more. Every whisper of weirdness that others have used to make you wrong was simply an invitation for them to be more generous with themselves and the world.

Weird means ‘of spirit, fate or destiny’. Your weirdness creates your life. Your obsession with being normal ensures you’ll never live the amazing life that is yours to live. Embrace your weird.

If you're ready to send your weird skyrocketing into all stratospheres, deep into all dimensions and leaping into non-linear spaces talk with me about a personalised 1-1 retreat where we'll discover the connections between your weird, your wisdom, your wealth, your unrealised whispers and your biggest wishes. 

When did you first discover your weird? Tell us about it in the comments below so we can celebrate the moment with you!

xo Lisa

Author: Lisa Murray
Lisa Murray has always been weird. It started to become fun when she stopped trying to fit into the status quo. 'Normal' never inspires. 

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