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Whether you join me live or online, each of these experiences has been designed to activate and incubate growth and expansion.

I offer potent creative transformations for Alchemists, Artists & Wildhearts... whether you are a Seeker, Senser or Seeder!


*The Gold*

Bring Your Heart & Soul Alive...
Imagine indulging in one glorious spark of transformational magic each week... taking your heart and soul on the adventure of a lifetime.

Every Friday you'll receive one alchemical adventure, practice, ritual or insight for magical map-making via email.

This annual subscription delivers you the best elements of my transformational work, curated from over 140 of my classes and courses, in perfect timing for NOW!



The world has shutdown so that we can come alive... Let's make the most of this gift.

I'm here to support you on the daily - with conversation, energy clearings and awareness, creative and business resources and beautiful, playful connections. Ask and you will receive!

Wondering if you're a DragonHeart? If you're here to create a love-fuelled new earth in your own unique way, you are. :)

The DragonHearts Party has started... are you coming?



Writing your book or blog doesn’t have to be the biggest procrastination project on your list.

Make the space to give your writing the love it deserves... consistently! When we write together, alchemi emerges and momentum arrives!

Your desire to write comes from your inner presence and wisdom.

Our writing sessions include potent energy immersions that slide you deep into the exact knowing you need that day.

The Online Writing Retreat is now a part of the DragonHearts Party.



Wildhearts is a generative, supportive ecosystem for the thrival of your divine creative spirit.

It offers an undefinable, unconfinable experience of the mysteries...

Not from the legends and myths of the past - it is a creation of, and for, our multidimensional futures. It is about NEW and ORIGINAL awareness.

Wholeness. Oneness. Sovereignty. 

 Join the waitlist for our next dates (most likely July 2020)



SEEDING Creative Possibilities is a deep immersion in grounding and growing you and your ideas, in harmony with the earth & the cosmos...

You're seeding ideas, possibilities, an amazing vision or three...

You're seeking alchemical ways for what's sprouting or flourishing to expand.

Energise and earth your vision. Alchemical retreats are on hold until the world begins breathing again. 

EMAIL LISA to receive your personal invitation as soon as each event is open for bookings.

Seeding creative possibilities retreats


Having many choices can bring uncertainty or awareness. When you harmonise your futures, creative paths emerge to most fruitfully anchor your greatest possibilities.

Creative Futures™ is an immersive two day experience where your grandest visions meet playful, energy-fuelled, intuitive creation.

When you gift yourself this sacred space, you move gently and gloriously into the living embodiment of your greatest futures.

2020 dates are waiting for Rona to sort herself out.

Lisa Murray

I am an activator, code-breaker and facilitator of possibilities. My brilliance emerges through map-making futures, curating ideas, nurturing a conscious earth, being a catalyst for magic and miracles and collaborating with the unseen. 

My tools are play, words, courage, creativity, energy, consciousness and a willingness to dive deep into the unknown. 

My vision is to live fully in the adventure of living, trusting I have what it takes to go where I'm going... Will you join me?

What Do People Say About Working With Lisa Murray?

“Lisa is an amazing facilitator and guide who invites such creative joyful exploration and expression of possibilities.

Her Creative Futures workshop allowed me to explore and embrace my creative gifts and abilities in a really fun way.

I had a return deep dive journey to my spiritual roots, and sacred lineage where I acknowledged, embraced and reclaimed all of my wild divine feminine power and potency, empowering me to create more space and the freedom to more deeply embody and create my greatest future. 

It's no coincidence that you're reading this, now. If you're wondering whether this workshop is for you, trust, honour and say yes to the part of you that's bought you here.

Kimberley Lovell
Transformational Coach, UK

"I sorely required magic to change the fog which was in my head and probably has been forever! It brought tears to my eyes how long I have been burdened by other people’s expectations, life’s drudgeries. A burst of me popped out. For so long I have struggled alone with my magic hidden.

Thank you Lisa for spotting the gleeful happy child and me being just that during the class with huge thanks to the other futurists. Oh the mischief I could get up to in the world now! 

I have so much more creative energy for the projects I really want to achieve and ease with my knowing what would be fun for me. I am still receiving from the class. If you are considering going on one of Lisa Murray’s Creative Futures events, go; it may not be what you are expecting."  

Tanya Whannell, UK

"Lisa is such a inspiration for unleashing my creativity on so many levels. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her personally. It’s thrilling, enthusing, easeful, peaceful and it always surprises me what shows up when being with her, working with her or even reading some of her brilliant love notes in my inbox.

Lisa asked me a couple of questions that made my own unacknowledged and unique brilliance (with creation and money) simmer and it amplified what I know. Thank you Lisa! Everyone should know you and work with you!”  

Merlijn Wolsink, Netherlands

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