Energise & Earth Your Vision ...

You're seeding ideas, possibilities, an amazing vision or three...

You're ready to co-create with the Earth to bring inspiration alive. Here. NOW!
You're seeking alchemical ways for what's sprouting or flourishing to expand.

Energise & Earth Your Vision ...

Welcome to *Seeding Creative Possibilities* - a transformational luxury retreat where you and your ideas are nurtured, nourished and nuanced into being more wonderful than you have yet envisioned.

This Transformational Retreat invites our collective alchemical energies to contribute to...​

  • Exploring the unseen and the unknown by expanding trust in your inner vision.
  • Recalibrating your connection with the earth and her energies, allowing your ideas to land in deep, soft, fertile soil.
  • Reconnecting. With yourself and your ideas, the land and the elementals. Through generative, peaceful, presence-fuelled explorations. A gentle renewal of all that you are.
  • Bringing space, luminosity, awakening and awareness to the lush growth that is ready to bloom in your life or business.
  • Nurturing, honouring and celebrating the creative genius and courage that is emerging.
"SEEDING Creative Possibilities is a deep immersion in grounding and growing you and your ideas, in harmony with the earth & the cosmos..."


Secret Garden Pathway
Welcome to a transformational portal where the earth and the heavens meet.

You are invited into an enchanted world where we will gather with free hearts and still minds for feasting, firelight and fruitful explorations.

Our transformational retreat venue is a beautiful and private luxury guesthouse in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. We have the pleasure of spectacular coastal and hinterland views from the enormously comfortable wrap around deck. And there's 20 acres of mostly untouched land, which is also ours to enjoy uninterrupted.

Food Spread
Our transformation process is deeply enriching and nurturing in all ways... You'll get to indulge in divinely healthy, delicious and mostly organic food (that you won't have to cook or clean up!) There will be relaxing spa sessions that include floral bathing, a massage and nourishing yin yoga.

There is a spa bath, a fireplace, a pool for the brave-hearts. Super comfortable cosy beds with luscious linen invite relaxed, dreamy sleep.

The retreat is all-inclusive from the moment you arrive on Friday afternoon, until you leave on Monday after lunch.

Creativity Modd Board
Your heart-fuelled vision will be intuitively developed and supported through creative experiences and co-creative conversations.

Wherever you are at right now, know that you and your ideas will grow wings in this sacred, generative, heart-healing space.

It's time for conscious activation of the creative superpower that is YOU - play-fully, joy-fully, wonder-fully!

Lisa Murray
Hi! I'm Lisa Murray and I'm your retreat leader. I'm also a potent transformation catalyst for bringing unexpected insights and ideas to your awareness and activating the creation process for your greatest visions.

One of my greatest gifts is translating energy into words. If you have a sense of what you desire to create but don't know how to bring it into form, I'm your alchemist!

My vision is to activate and amplify the pure-hearted creative potency of aspiring authentic leaders and conscious change-makers, so that together we co-create generative love-fuelled futures that truly change the planet. Read more.

If you'd like a sense of how I work, here are a few testimonials, or client love notes, as I like to call them! There's also a personal note on how the Seeding Creative Possibilities Retreats came to be at the bottom of this page.


Our private guesthouse is located ten minutes drive from Montville, a charming hinterland village on the Sunshine Coast (Australia). Access is via private car or private transfer from the Sunshine Coast Airport or Brisbane International Airport. Once you register, let us know if you need assistance with transport.


We will begin with a Welcome Celebration on Friday 12 July 2019 from 3pm (arrival is from 2pm) and close after lunch on Monday 15 July. (i.e. Three days, three nights). It is requested that you be fully present at the retreat for the entire time so that the energies remain clear and cohesive for everyone.


Three nights accommodation in luxurious private rooms. Bathrobes and toiletries are provided. All rooms have double / queen or king beds. Two rooms have private bathrooms. All other rooms share the main bathroom with spa bath. Please see pricing for room choices. There are no shared rooms.

We have a nurturing and kind House Angel taking care of us, including food preparation and clean-up, and room tidying each day. The food will be healthy and organic where possible. Please let us know of any essential dietary requirements on the registration form.

There will be yin yoga, creative mini-classes, nature adventures and a nurturing full-body massage. There will be free time, quiet time, fire-gazing and fun surprises!

If you desire to shop or do the scenic drive to Maleny (about 30 mins), please schedule this for your free time, or on Monday afternoon. If you desire to drink alcohol, please bring your choice of beverages.


The Seeding Creative Possibilities Retreat is limited to six live-in participants (plus Lisa & your House Angel!) so that you will have personal attention for your vision and ideas. Upon registration, you will be invited to a private group online so you can meet the other retreat participants in advance.

Please note it is NOT appropriate to bring your friends, children or beloved other (unless they are participating) as this is YOUR time for you. Having extra people around is a distraction for you and other participants. The retreat is open to all adults, upon approval of your application. I reserve the right to refuse an application if I sense there is not a good fit, in which case your deposit will be refunded in full.


You will be asked to bring a few things you love for one of the activations. A list will be provided upon registration. And of course you can bring your favourite crystals, candles and other forms of nurture.

Please wear whatever makes you happy (the temperature outside is predicted to be 10 - 20 degrees Celsius). Plan to dress in layers and bring hiking shoes, as well as socks or slippers for indoor comfort.

Your Investment

This huge guesthouse has five bedrooms. Your registration is for a specific room as prices vary according to facilities. Pricing is all inclusive (room, massage, food, house-angel, adventures, magic, facilitation etc)

ROOM 1 - UPSTAIRS MAIN ENSUITE - $1825 AUD - RESERVED (as at 16/5/19)

The main bedroom is upstairs and has direct access to the veranda. It is a large room with king bed and includes a lovely ensuite with double shower.


The other bedroom with a private bathroom is downstairs and overlooks the pool and acreage. It is a large room with king bed.

ROOMS 3, 4 & 5 - SINGLE ROOMS - $1695 AUD each

The three upstairs bedrooms upstairs share the main bathroom. The main bathroom includes a spa bath and is large and luxurious. Two rooms have queen beds and one has a double bed.

*Please note these prices are introductory and will likely change for future retreats.

To confirm your space....

1. If you have participated in any of Lisa's classes or events within the last 2 years, you are welcome to register online by paying your non-refundable deposit of $750AUD via Paypal (or ask Lisa for direct deposit details if you are in Australia).

2. If you do not know Lisa's work or you have questions about the retreat, please arrange a short call with Lisa to discover if this retreat is right for you. BOOK YOUR CONVERSATION HERE.

3. Your participation and choice of room is confirmed by payment of a non-refundable deposit of $750 AUD. The balance is due no later than 7 July 2019. Room bookings are allocated in the order that deposits are received. You will be sent an email with details on how to pay the balance.

4. Please note that all travel costs to/from the retreat venue are at your expense. We can assist you with contacts for transfers if required, but you will need to book and pay them directly.

5. Please note the standard Terms & Conditions for all Creative Alchemi events apply to this retreat.

6. If you would love to attend this retreat but the timing isn't quite working for you, please let Lisa know. There is a possibility for a second Australian retreat in November 2019. International 'Seeding Creative Possibilities' retreats are coming in 2020.


You are welcome to arrive from 2pm on Friday to get settled in before we gather at 3pm for the welcome celebration. You will have some free time before dinner and after dinner we will draw our power inwards through a lucky dip of nurturing activities.


Breakfast is from 8 - 9am, followed by our first session for the day where we'll explore your vision in unconventional ways, starting with walking the land, allowing us to emerge in tune with the earth.

There will be an hour of free time / journalling / wellbeing activities before lunch at around 12.30pm. In the afternoon we will dive deep into your vision and begin the activation process. There is free time before dinner at 6.30pm and there is a surprise after dinner.


We start the day with gentle wellbeing activities and then dive into a collection of intuitively led adventures, depending on where we ended on Saturday night. The schedule will be similiar timings to Saturday. The day ends with dinner and dancing.


Our last day together is designed as an integration day. Breakfast is from 8am - 9am and then we'll visit a local magical waterfall (weather permitting) to commune with the nature spirits. There will be time to write, draw and explore. Lunch will be at 12 noon and then it's time to pack up and make your way to your next destination, leaving us no later than 3pm.

Retreat stay-cation
Earth Retreats house

A personal note from Lisa

In 2018 I went on a life-changing adventure, travelling for four months across Europe & Hawaii with minimal plans. Except for a brief stopover in Oslo, I was drawn to small towns and landscapes where I could be in deep communion with the land.

The many extraordinary experiences I had during that time formed a resonant space for the Seeding Creative Possibilities Retreats to evolve.

The first retreat is in Australia because I am Australian, my heart chose to be here on this land and that is essential to activating this process. The energy of these retreats is such that they will connect with all future retreats. In truth there is no time or space. What we are personally creating and transforming during these retreats will have an exponential effect in the world as we rise together as the conscious leaders we are.

There is much in these retreats that is only to be experienced, not described. If you come with an open heart and a pure vision, you will be astounded at what becomes possible. Thank you for trusting me, and you, as we emerge from the depths of a society that is no longer workable, into numinous, liminal spaces that have only been in our dreams until now.

This retreat is for leaders who know they are different... If you are ready, you'll know. Thank you.

Cancellation Policy

There are no refunds if you choose to cancel, unless we can fill your space, in which case you will receive a full refund of your payment less a $150 cancellation fee. If we cannot fill your space, we cannot provide a refund. There are many costs incurred up front - we hope you understand.

Please ensure you have adequate travel insurance in case of cancellation of the retreat due to natural disaster or other unforeseen circumstances. We reserve the right to make any necessary changes to the event where the situation is out of our control. In the rare case the situation is totally unworkable, we will offer you a full refund and the option to book another date (which may or may not be at the same venue). We are not responsible for any changes to your airfares or other travel arrangements.


* Conscious creatives and creators who are seeking transformational self-expression & awareness.

* Leaders who want to be able to trust their own leadership, without doubt!

* Futurists and trail-blazers who are building powerful platforms for creating new paradigms in the world.

* Wild-hearted entrepreneurs who are ready to own their true magic, express their true potency and be paid for their gifts!

* Soulful adventurers who know there is more to living than the humdrum of daily existence... YOU!

SEEDING CREATIVE POSSIBILITIES includes the nurturing of physical and energetic creation. If you don't desire to connect with the unseen or the unknown, this is not the retreat for you. We will be communing with many energies and participants will have varying levels of skill with this. A willingness to explore and learn is essential!

Beautiful creative ways of nurturing you. Remember what it is to be deeply relaxed...

A vision for your life that will put the spark in your eyes and a glow in your energy again.

The expression of your spirit through your words, choices and adventures.

The life-changing choices you'd most love to make.

The spaces beyond your comfort zone (with the support of people who have been there).

The difference you can be in the world, with ease.

The quirky creative you that is begging to play more.

Letting go of your mind and allowing your intuitive awareness to lead you forward.

New ways to bring creative harmony into your everyday life.

Choosing more for you, without guilt!

>>> Yes! Pretty much anything you choose! Seeding Creative Possibilities is a generative space with inbuilt flexibility and a mission to enable you to discover the truth of you - without having to define or limit who you are in any way.


Two weeks after the retreat we'll get together online to share our aha moments and the progression of our vision. There's no pressure to be a super achiever - it's more about being able to clarify and explore anything that has emerged since the retreat.

If you prefer, private coaching is also available. Just ask Lisa for more information.


Got Questions? Contact Lisa!

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