What is Yearning to Come Alive In You?

19 Nov 2020

Yearnings. Do you listen to them or ignore them? When you can't break a pattern, or can't get to where you know you 'should' be... awareness is only a part of the creation! Your yearnings will lead you forward.

What is Yearning to Come Alive In You?

Most of us are homesick (or yearning) for something that doesn't yet exist, that exists only in other dimensions, or that we haven't allowed ourselves to have.

The sovereign spaces of being where your heart overflows with joy, your body is adored, your soul deeply acknowledged, your spirit free to fly and your mind is at peace are just the start of these yearnings.

Weirdly enough, our yearnings are what keep us searching, seeking and expecting others to deliver our dreams. These are also the choices that rarely work.

Whenever there is a void, a gap, a hole that seems unfillable, it's time to connect deeply with the real you.

Surface dwelling works, until it doesn't!

Taking a deep dive is an activation of thriving, a signal to the truth of you that you are willing to be present to the alchemy of your yearning, so that it may take form in some new way.

In asking for the impossible or invisible, we must BE in full resonance with what will create it and allow it to actualise here on earth.

>>> We are the creators of the new earth!
In moving house recently, I experienced first hand the alchemy that is activated through being fully in resonance with a yearning.

There was no way for me to be resonant with the last place I lived; the gap between what it is and who I am was too great.

The gift was that it fully activated the yearning for a home that is truly 'ME' - without compromise.

My new home has already delivered energies that have long been missing, becoming an instant invitation to creation! Joy and aliveness have returned!

This week, move or change something in your physical environment that can open a portal to the energetic resonance of what you yearn for.

It's as simple as tapping into that yearning energy and asking these questions:

"What am I yearning for?"

"What energy or choice can activate or alchemise the physical presence of this yearning?"

"What will it take to include or amplify that energy or choice in my life today?"

For example, my yearning was for a true home that was both physically and energetically congruent with who I am and who I'm becoming. I knew that the space had to be light and bright, energetically supportive and creatively flowing.

In the months before my move, I kept taking myself to those kinds of spaces. My target was to keep activating that energy so that it could be available all day, every day.

It took work. It wasn't always convenient. And I was 1000% committed to this transformation.

The yearning for a true home has been transmuted into something that exists here and now.

My being feels deeply at home in this cottage with a beautiful creek flowing past my back door, a puppy to play with and beautiful creative spaces to bring forth the new.

And not long after, I was gifted with an experience of 'home' on a multi-dimensional level, from a life 5000 years ago. When we are energetically congruent, all is resolved!

Love your yearnings, they are signposts to a more wonderful future.

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Author: Lisa Murray
Lisa Murray is a multidimensional mystic who anchors information and energy for new ways of living. She coaches soul-aware beings to bring heart and mind together in harmony, enabling sovereign choices.  

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