When Your Upper Limits Get Out The Red Carpet

18 Sep 2019

You might not have heard the term ‘upper limits’ (first coined by Gay Hendricks in his book ‘The Big Leap’), but it’s probably functioning in at least one area of your life.

Your upper limits show up on the edges of what you believe you can have.

They are the ‘this but no more’ limit to your receiving. The ‘too good to be true’ beliefs that keep you creating small.

Your upper limits are a highly effective form of self-sabotage.

You’ll know when an upper limit arrives... 

Your creations are going well, you’re doing better than you ever have before. You just *know* the red carpet is about to be rolled out in your honour…

And then you get sick, your bank account takes a hit, a snake shows up in your bathroom (true story!), you start cleaning your house like you have OCD on steroids, your life falls into a big heap of nothing, you refuse support and work yourself into a coma, or you just kind of lose interest in what you’re creating and all of a sudden have to sleep 20 hours out of 24… 

WTF? It’s not supposed to be like this!

You're absolutely right, it’s not!

Upper Limits Offer You Choices!

  • You can burst through that energy like a firecracker. No-one and nothing takes you prisoner!
  • You can tentatively nudge up against it to see if it moves. It will… and it will circle back to bite you again in the future if you don’t get clear on what’s really going on!
  • You can pretend it’s not really there - and so you can continue to do what you’ve always done, be who you’ve always been and fit in with the people you’re most comfortable with. That guarantees you’ll live the same life for the next zillion years (or until you really choose a different future!)

So Ms/Mr/Dr Firecracker… who are you really? The cool thing is, you get to choose!

You won’t create greater futures if you’re stuck in the circular patterns of upper-limiting. If you’re going round in circles, chances are there’s a sneaky upper limit or three hiding in your world.

How Do You Change An Upper Limit? 

Here’s two of my favourite ways:

1. Put an end to the party in your head.

You know the one I’m talking about. The  non-stop conversation about what’s not working, what’s about to go wrong, what a failure you are, that you don’t deserve this… on and on and on it goes. The fast way forward here is to send your mind on holiday.  “Thank you very much for your input, would you like to go to Tahiti or Hawaii?” 

Once your mind is on holiday, you can sense into your heart-space. What does it want you to know about what IS possible? What one choice is it asking you to make?

2. Change your energy.

When you shift your energy, you shift the situation. Give yourself a rest. Have a playday. Allow yourself the space to BE, instead of worrying non-stop.

Nothing useful is created from panic or misery. What CAN you do different right now that feels like an up-level? 

When you up-level your receiving, you lift the lid on your upper limits. It’s wildly effective to do this while you’re not in the midst of a launch, or a red carpet adventure! That way, you’ve already shifted the energy *before* the pressure is on!

Do You Have To Create Your Future?

If you’re not creating the futures you *KNOW* are possible for you to create, ask yourself if there’s a sneaky upper limit situation going on. When you dissolve that barrier your superpowers will switch ON again!

You might be totally in resistance to this. You might be thinking ‘doesn’t apply to me’. Go for it! Just know you can’t keep ordering shit sandwiches from room service (aka the cosmos) and expecting caviar and champagne to arrive. 

Every time you up-level your life, you are asking for caviar, champagne, strawberries and chocolate… 

Here’s what I know. The world is in the midst of creative chaos. It’s being created anew. You can’t rely on what has always been, to always be. Creating your future isn’t an optional extra, unless you like shit sandwiches ;)

Creating your future is the acknowledgement of your true power. Ready? Tell us where you're going to start... or how your upper limits show up. 

P.S. I know it's tempting to go "F*** those little Bast**ds" when you find an upper limit. It's actually a lot more satisfying to love them to death instead. That way they can never come back and bite you on the butt. ;)

Author: Lisa Murray
Lisa Murray knows way too much about upper limits (her misadventures = your benefit) and creating greater futures. 

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