The End Times

6 Jan 2020

The End Times? 

We are living in the end times.
Although NOT as they've been predicted.

This is...

Not the end of the world.
Not the end of freedom.
Not the end of possibility.

It is...

* The end... of greed, corruption, slavery, abuse, lies, war and theft.
* The end... of unconsciousness and anti-consciousness.
* The end... of disconnection - from the earth, ourselves and each other.
* The end... of disrespect for nature and Indigenous wisdom.
* The end... of pretending we can just keep going how we have been.

Let the ashes of all that was be transmuted into energy for creating a greater future.

It is our choice how fast we move into the generation of a new earth - through the power of our presence, connection and love...

⚡️⚡️⚡️We are the leaders we are seeking... ⚡️⚡️⚡️


* Let your anger be transmuted into great-hearted choices.
* Let the fluidity of your grief fall from your eyes, nourishing the earth with every drop.
* Let your over-flowing gratitude invite the waterways of the earth to flow again.
* Let kindness be your greeting; its magic is not fleeting.
* Let your pure-heart find its fullest expression in each moment.

Where there is love, there can be presence.


* Let the sweetness of your soul outshine the angst of your ambition.
* Let your awareness and curiosity be greater than your judgements.
* Let your touch be gentle and honouring.
* Let your eyes meet in deep acknowledgement.
* Let your courageous joy lead you forward.

Where there is presence, there can be connection.


* Let the waters of your body be one with the waters of the earth.
* Let your knowing of the truth and beauty of your being continuously expand.
* Let trust in yourself replace fear of the unknown.
* Let your barriers melt and your choices be inclusive.
* Let your oneness with all life allow your unique light to shine generously.

Where there is connection, there is peace.

This is an invitation to conscious leadership.

Will you join me in bringing this planet alive?

With gracious, grateful love for your presence in these times.


(P.S. Sharing is welcome - in its entirety and with full attribution.)


Author: Lisa Murray
Lisa Murray loves this planet. She loves to connect with Earth in deep conversations and listening to her wisdom. Luckily for us, Lisa loves to share all this wisdom too!

You can find more in the Personal Conversations with the Earth Facebook group, and in Lisa's WildHearts Mysteria School
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