What if... your every choice makes a difference?



    Creating your business isn’t about the force, the push, the exhaustion or the hustle. It’s about creating an invitation so irresistible and inspiring to your ideal clients that they can’t wait to work with you. 

    Your niche may be way bigger than the tiny box people are trying to put you in. You don't have to follow a proven formula or system if you trust your intuition and have your own back. 

    Are you ready to discover the magic of creating your business in playful and nurturing ways? 

    You have something specific you need to change yesterday. Maybe you're going through a transitional time or you're tired of the same old same old.

    We'll get to the bottom of your situation and turn up your aliveness! When you create breakthroughs, you open the doors for everything that has been stagnant or stuck to shift.
    Whether you're an artist, writer, maker of magic or you just know that being more creative will change your life, know that my gift is in finding creative approaches to bringing your dreams and ideas alive.

    Maybe you have writer's block, or your creativity has taken a hike or a beating.

    Whatever your situation, we'll transform it with joy!
    Let's get to the bottom of what is actually causing your burnout. It's not just about your body. Burnout is a wake-up call for the soul. What is yours asking you to be aware of? 

    Maybe you need to make some changes to get on track. Maybe it is about deep self-nurture (not surface-level self-care). Maybe It's about living more creatively, or allowing your brilliance to shine...

    Let me make your transformation easier!
P.S. Just in case you're wondering. My coaching is multi-dimensional and cosmic. I'm joyfully connected with this world and the universes beyond. There is no topic that we can't address when we work together. 


I'm present with the interconnectedness of your choices. When we pull the right strings, the magic flows. Here are a few insights about my coaching style. At the bottom of the page are a few client coaching sessions (used with permission).

Are you ready for consistent breakthroughs and unlimited brilliance, without burnout?

Here's a few of the tools we will adventure with...

Questions  ::  I ask the questions no-one else is asking. From those questions possibilities emerge, creative choices are born and breakthroughs occur. My questions go beyond the linear, into the unknown and the unpredictable. 

Fully Present  ::  Transformation, creation and breakthroughs don’t have to be serious or painful. I am strong and kind. The hidden will be gently unhidden and altered at its source so that you can rise enlivened, like a phoenix from the ashes. 

Energetic Awareness  ::  Your words and your presence are full of energy. I am masterful at reading that energy and pinpointing exactly what we need to transform so that you can have the change you are asking for. Change can be effortless.

Aliveness  ::  I coach as I live - with play, joy, curiosity, generosity, resourcefulness, determination, unlimited choices, consciousness and so much more. 

Creative Activation  ::  I am an awakener and an activator. You are the actioner! Your willingness to follow through on our coaching conversations will make a huge difference to your results. 


The phase of your transformation makes a difference to the conversations we have.
Where are you now? Where would you like to be?
Coaching for Seekers
SEEKERS are opening up to big changes...
In this phase my role is to be by your side as you safely traverse the difficult things that you are facing. You get to bring the big stuff to the table so that together we can unpack it and find creative ways forward.

We may explore:
* How to deal with the big energies in your life e.g. overwhelm, anxiety, fear...
* How to manage or change the situations that are knocking you sideways e.g. relationship breakups, burnout, etc.
* How to stop being distracted and going in circles, so you can create your ideas. 
* How to put you first while still including the people that are important to you. 
Coaching for Sensers
SENSERS are reclaiming their sovereign power...
In this phase my role is to identify the energies and choices you are on the brink of fully engaging with, that will allow you to gracefully land in the alchemi of Seeding.

Coaching conversations I've had with Sensers include:
* How to create beyond your comfort zones.
* Becoming visible and unhiding the real you.
* How to fully embrace your power and potency. 
* How to discover the work that is yours to bring to the world.

Coaching for Seeders
SEEDERS are ready to change the world!
In this phase my role is to activate your grand visions and energetically support you in bringing them to life through the awakening of your brilliance in new ways.

We may explore:
* How your brilliance and magic can consciously change the world.
* Who you need to BE to lead your team into the unknown.
* The detailed development of your ideas and vision. I sense patterns and often a bigger picture will emerge.


I get it. There are so many (average) coaches out there. I'd like to make this choice easier for you! 
  • If you've NOT worked with me before, I'm offering a 30 minute coaching session so you can experience my coaching style. For just $99AUD (more than 50% off my normal rate) you can bring 1 - 3 issues to a 30 minute Breakthrough Session. (Please note this is an introductory offer only, for people considering a coaching package. It is not available to previous/existing clients or for emergency or one-off coaching).  EMAIL ME TO BOOK YOUR INTRO SESSION.
  • Do you have questions about my coaching style or the coaching packages (details below)? I love questions! Please EMAIL ME your questions and if required we can also set up a time for a brief chat. I've been coaching for ten years and I'm happy to connect with you personally to ensure it will be generative for us to work together.


Coaching is held via Zoom. Limited face-to-face packages are available upon application.
Payments can be monthly or quarterly. Save 5% If you pay for your three month package up front.
All initial client contracts are for 3 months. Longer packages are available - please ask!

Please note that emergency sessions and one-off sessions are only available for WildHearts Mysteria members.
WildHearts members also receive a 15% saving on coaching packages after three months of membership.
$450 AUD/month
2 X 30 minute sessions per month
Access to two relevant resources each month. (You choose from a list of existing resources.)
$850 AUD/month
4 x 30 minute sessions per month
Access to three relevant resources each month. (You choose from a list of existing resources.)
$1350 AUD /month
4 x 45 minute sessions
Unlimited email questions
(Response in office hours only)
Access to four relevant resources each month.

Sample Coaching Sessions with Lisa Murray

Restorative Productivity for High Achievers
In this coaching session we talk deep restoration, creative regeneration, finding energy for your personal projects when your career is demanding and joyful ways to finish your personal projects, without turning them into a long list of 'shoulds'.

Watch for a multitude of ideas and a couple of ground-breaking questions. If you're an over-achiever constantly on the edge of burnout (or right in it) these strategies will also work for you.

(Cass Russell, Australia)  15 mins
Procrastination, Saying No & Leadership

In this coaching session we talk procrastination, finishing things, saying no, being capable, being a leader, working ‘hard’, joyful creation… and celebration. That's a lot of transformation in a 20 minute coaching session! 

There are practical exercises in this coaching conversation that will change your life if you’re a people-pleaser or a procrastinator. You may be surprised to find you don’t have to force your ideas into life!

(Eryl Dausse, France) 21 mins

Much gratitude to my coaching clients who were willing to be vulnerable and videoed! All footage is used with permission.

“Lisa is insightful and truly inspiring. In a 1-1 session she guided me to uncover a hidden talent and capacity that I knew was there but had hidden so well from myself and the world I was unable to verbalise it. 

She is a gift. There is total ease in her facilitation toward the unlimited choices available.

Having accessed this talent and capacity has opened up a wealth of choices and possibilities for me. The session was a total game changer. The future is brighter and what else is possible now?”  

Fiona Holden, Ireland

"I have taken telecalls, monthly programs and had individual sessions with Lisa Murray! I adore her and her willingness to choose more!

She is so willing to give her all.

I have had SO MUCH more sense of possibility since our session. It is like those limitations that were so real are no longer alive or valid. I can find possibility in pretty much everything now!

Thanks Lisa for being YOU! xo"

Laurie Laursen, Canada

"I've recently undergone a big un-hiding! It's not the easiest thing in the world to come right on out and say, "I'm a dominatrix" but I did. The questions Lisa asked me when we talked made it SO easy for me to open my mouth and let brilliance out.

No judgment, just her quick, inquisitive nature ready to unearth the "goods" I'd been silently collecting all that time I was in the closet.

I've nicknamed her the Brilliance Facilitator because that's what she is: An invitation to see the brilliance in you that even you may have over looked or not put into words yet but soon will."  

Georgia Watson, USA

What happens if I'm going on holidays or can't make my session?

If there needs to be a change to your 3 month commitment we will mutually agree the timeframe for your sessions to be completed by. I am reasonable and flexible. 

If you cannot make a session due to illness or unexpected emergency, please note the session will be forfeited if I do not receive at least 24 hours notice as I am unable to rebook that time-slot on such short notice.

Are my sessions confidential?
Yes! At the start of your coaching contract we sign a contract which covers confidentiality, intellectual property and anything else that is required.
Can I see the coaching contract in advance?
Yes! Just email me with a little information about why you're seeking coaching with me and I'll send it to you.
Why are your introductory sessions paid?
I offered free intro sessions for many years and my time and energy was often disrespected. This way, I can give you a full coaching session, just like you would have if you were paying me for a coaching program, and we both go away receiving value. There is no obligation to purchase a package following the session and I am not a hard sell kind of person. I prefer the session to stand for itself and to answer any questions you have about the coaching packages. You can only have one intro session at this special rate. After that a package is the only way you can access my coaching. I occasionally offer one-off sessions and these will be listed in the pop-up coaching box above if available.  Please note the introductory session price is not discounted further for Wildhearts members.
How can I make the most of my sessions?
So glad you asked! We can either do a big strategy session at the beginning and work out a flexible approach to the sessions, or we can work with what arises close to each session. You'll know if you're a planner or a seat-of-the-pantser - and I can work either way! What is important is to know what you would like to leave the session with. I will of course follow my awareness and you may leave with far more than you expected!
How else can I work with you?
I also offer VIP days and private retreats. Please email me with details of what you are seeking and we can arrange a time to chat. If the 1:1 coaching investment for working with me is beyond your current budget, you are so welcome to experience support via my live events and Wildhearts membership. You may also find the inspiration you're seeking on my Blog or YouTube channel.

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