Tired of living on the edge of exhaustion?
Transform your energy levels. Live life fully.
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Do you ever wonder what will energise you?

Whether you are mildly fatigued, constantly exhausted or barely standing, Living Beyond Burnout offers new ways forward.

Are you ready to....  1. Prevent Burnout 2. Transform Burnout 3. Live Beyond Burnout?

Flat, fuzzy brain, no energy?

You're in the right place. 

LIVING BEYOND BURNOUT is a book for everyone who knows it is time for different ways of living and working.

If you have ever had a breakdown, feel like you are 'just holding it together', have lost your mojo, or are looking at your life and saying 'there must be something better than this!' this book is for you.

The book offers a system for preventing burnout and an invitation to transform fatigue and exhaustion by changing the underlying causes, as well as treating the symptoms that stop you from enjoying your life in all its magic and magnificence.

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Lisa Murray
Meet Lisa
No stranger to burnout and the corporate world, Lisa is the author of Stop Waiting, Start Creating & Living Beyond Burnout.

She works with business leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives and change-leaders to embrace and expand the blossoming of their creative energies in developing new ways forward in business and life.

Her coaching programs and workshops offer a supportive community and ground-breaking strategies for people with overwhelm, anxiety, fatigue & burnout.

Wander my website for retreats, workshops and creative adventure. 
Praise for Living Beyond Burnout
Michelle Gee, UK

"This book is truly profound. It is so much more than a book. It's an artwork, a life's work.... a gift to create with from beyond this reality. I have read and consulted with many burnout experts.
No one and nothing has offered me a different perspective that actually works for me, until now. I now have hope that I too have a grand and glorious future of phenomenal creation rather than exhausting body maintenance."
Cassandra Russell, Australia

"Lisa's story is compelling and relatable. We need to be having more conversations about burnout and the insidious impact our current way of working and treating each other is having on each of us.
I enjoy Lisa's writing style, her sense of humour and the occasional f bomb. The practical tips included in this book are doable - if we just get out of our own way and BE."
Gabrielle Conescu, Australia

"Lisa, I want to let you know your book is full of treasure for me. I am so grateful to hear the perspective of someone who has propelled herself to realms of limitless possibility."

Launch Day Facebook Live with Lisa Murray
Where can I get the book?
You can buy the book on Amazon in paperback and kindle versions. Alternatively, check out our stockists here. 
Living beyond burnout
Identify your level of burnout and where to start changing it.


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