Co-Creating With The Universe

4 Nov 2019
Co-Creating With The Universe
You have 2020 ideas that aren’t getting created. Yes, your cheeky little secret is out! There’s another hundred stories you tell yourself about the why… and I sense they boil down to one or more of these three things:

1. You’re tired of creating alone. It just feels so, well, lonely!
Here’s a hot tip. Creation doesn’t happen in isolation. It’s tough doing it all by yourself. No-one to bounce ideas off. No-one to do the parts that aren’t your zone of genius. No-one to encourage you and remind you of how magical and brilliant you truly are. Ugh. Hello depression and procrastination. UNLESS you start co-creating with the Universe!
When you allow the Cosmos to have your back, the right people show up in your world.

A couple of years ago I wanted to create a mastermind group with a very specific purpose. So I put a call-out into a couple of groups and a few people responded. After we chatted, it became clear there would be three of us and we’ve met weekly for two years.
That mastermind has been my life-saver more times than I can count. The funny thing is, we’re only now getting to the original purpose. When you ask, receive what comes - it opens the doors to what’s truly possible!

2. You don’t know the ‘how’.

Whenever we have to know the entirety of the 'how' before we start, it’s almost certain we either won’t start, or we’ll get so obsessed with getting it perfect that progress is disturbingly slow. Having to know the ‘how’ in detail in advance is a lack of trust in ourselves and the Cosmos. 
Making a start without knowing how it can come together is one of the biggest momentum builders (and trust creators) that exists.
For a long time now I’ve been asking for the right VA (virtual assistant) to show up for me. I’d worked with many people and they just weren’t the right fit. Last week I became curious about what was next after I’d finished this website and launched my WildHearts Oasis community

I heard a whisper “all the support you need is available  to you now”... 

That made me even more curious and I started wondering how I could have a VA that would create bold momentum in my business.

Almost instantly I had an idea for how to compensate that person and I received the awareness to ask who would be interested in one of my private coaching groups.

Within 48 hours I made an agreement with a great person and she is already saving my sanity and getting things moving! 
What’s important about this process? I asked for support. I followed each tiny intuitive hit as it arrived. And I took action.

Yes - getting started is that simple! Notice how easy it was? That’s what is possible when you are resonant with your ask. 

3. You haven’t got time (or money… or… fill in the blanks)

It’s easy to think we don’t have what we need. After months of playing with this, I’ve discovered something fascinating. We all-ways have what we need, but sometimes we have to dig deeper, or look at the situation from a totally different perspective, or ask for support, or do something different!!
The crazy P.S. to the VA story is that she told me she had asked me three years ago could she be my VA - but somehow I’d missed the email. Oops! What I was asking for was very patiently waiting for me to realise it was available! I have to admit feeling slightly silly!
One more thing. Sometimes this is about timing. When you are ready the Universe delivers.

Apparently I wasn’t ready to receive this level of efficient and joyful support before. And my business had to have the 'right' systems in place too!
If you were unstoppable, what would you ask the Cosmos for today? What new perspective can you now embrace to receive it?

About your 2020 ideas… what’s the real question you need to ask?

I’m so glad you asked! It’s this… “Do I truly desire to create this now?”  For many of the things on your creation list, you may be surprised to find most of them aren’t the choice that will make the greatest difference to your life or business now. 
Stop beating yourself up for procrastinating, enjoy the magic of your awareness and say Hello to creative flow. 
Yes. It’s possible for you too!

What have you decided is impossible, that is patiently waiting for you right here and now?
Author: Lisa Murray

I'm all about creating your ideas.  1-1 coaching is available if you're seeking intuitive, non-normal ways of bringing your ideas alive. Whether you're stuck, got too many ideas or wanting to dream bigger, I'm your point of transformation! 

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