I write because not writing nearly killed me (hello burnout!).

My purpose is to bring new choices to old challenges. You won't find the standard advice in my books because I know that the old ways don't work like they used to. Our world is changing dynamically and we need to change with it!!!

New Energies Of Creation Are Here


You've tried all the obvious changes like getting more sleep, resting and overdosing on vitamins. 

You've discovered bandaids don't make much more than a temporary dent in the constant fatigue that plagues you night and day. 

You may also have tried body-focused treatments like diet, pills, naturopathy, massage, exercise... they've helped and you still don't feel great! 

You're looking for a different way forward. 

READ 'LIVING BEYOND BURNOUT'... It's a creative recipe for living a spirited and soul-full life, without compromising who you truly are.


“Stop Waiting, Start Creating” asks questions designed to lead you into unexpected adventures and innovative approaches to creating, through the exploration and expansion of your personal creative process, whether you think you’re creative or not!

You'll begin to create consciously, instead of unconsciously, with ease instead of suffering, and with playfulness instead of seriousness.

Say goodbye to procrastination, playing small, imposter syndrome and more. 

Read 'Stop Waiting, Start Creating' and create what YOU know is possible!


Books are brilliant for getting started, but working with Lisa in person brings super-powered momentum.
Are you ready for a different future? 

Lisa Murray

I am an activator, code-breaker and facilitator of possibilities. My brilliance emerges through map-making futures, curating ideas, nurturing a conscious earth, being a catalyst for magic and miracles and collaborating with the unseen. 

My tools are play, words, courage, creativity, energy, consciousness and a willingness to dive deep into the unknown. 

My vision is to live fully in the adventure of living, trusting I have what it takes to go where I'm going... Will you join me?

What Do People Say About Working With Lisa Murray?

“Lisa is an amazing facilitator and guide who invites such creative joyful exploration and expression of possibilities.

Her Creative Futures workshop allowed me to explore and embrace my creative gifts and abilities in a really fun way.

I had a return deep dive journey to my spiritual roots, and sacred lineage where I acknowledged, embraced and reclaimed all of my wild divine feminine power and potency, empowering me to create more space and the freedom to more deeply embody and create my greatest future. 

It's no coincidence that you're reading this, now. If you're wondering whether this workshop is for you, trust, honour and say yes to the part of you that's bought you here.

Kimberley Lovell
Transformational Coach, UK

"I sorely required magic to change the fog which was in my head and probably has been forever! It brought tears to my eyes how long I have been burdened by other people’s expectations, life’s drudgeries. A burst of me popped out. For so long I have struggled alone with my magic hidden.

Thank you Lisa for spotting the gleeful happy child and me being just that during the class with huge thanks to the other futurists. Oh the mischief I could get up to in the world now! 

I have so much more creative energy for the projects I really want to achieve and ease with my knowing what would be fun for me. I am still receiving from the class. If you are considering going on one of Lisa Murray’s Creative Futures events, go; it may not be what you are expecting."  

Tanya Whannell, UK

"Lisa is such a inspiration for unleashing my creativity on so many levels. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her personally. It’s thrilling, enthusing, easeful, peaceful and it always surprises me what shows up when being with her, working with her or even reading some of her brilliant love notes in my inbox.

Lisa asked me a couple of questions that made my own unacknowledged and unique brilliance (with creation and money) simmer and it amplified what I know. Thank you Lisa! Everyone should know you and work with you!”  

Merlijn Wolsink, Netherlands

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