The Power of Being Neutral in a Polarised World

The Power of Being Neutral in a Polarised World
The energy of being neutral has been popping itself into my world for more than a year. At first fleetingly (and sleepily!), and, since my Uluru trip in December 2020, intensively.

For me the possibility of being neutral in a polarised world emerged from an energy healing session many years ago where I realised 'you don't have to die to have peace'. For many of us that sounds very logical, but has not (yet) been our actual experience.

When you experience the energy of that, your daily reality becomes less about fighting for your point of view and more about moving towards peace in all its forms and possibilities.

The Creative Possibilities of Being Neutral
SO... This is an invitation to a conversation about the creative possibilities inherent in being neutral. If you're going to comment, please read to the end of the post first...

I'm open to respectful conversation. I don't have all the answers. And I'm not even saying what I've written is correct - it's the beginning of exploring a topic I feel is relevant in these current times.

As we co-create the new earth, I'm willing to have the courage to ask questions that move us beyond old ways of functioning. Are you?

Here we go :) You might like to take a couple of deep breaths at the end of each paragraph or two... give yourself space to perceive the energetics as well as the written words offered here.

gold sparkly heart on pink / purple arty background with a gold border and the words "you don't have to take a side to take action\
Neutral is an energy that originated in alchemy: "composed of contrasting elements which, in proper proportion, neutralize each other."


In applying this to life, being neutral becomes a transformational energy which can end conflict, rather than the passive energy of 'not taking sides' or the polarising energy of 'if you're not for this, then you are against it' that neutrality is so often entangled with.


NEWSFLASH *** We don't have to take a side to take action.***

Each and every action stands on its own platform of energetic congruence.


In being neutral, you can be whole and sovereign - true to that which you intuitively know to be correct for you.

Being neutral allows you to give up the judgement inherent in your personal preferences and function from an open mind / open heart - until you see/sense a clear path forward.


Ever noticed how exhausting it is to be always defending your points of view, or resisting and reacting to other people's points of view? Free up your energy with the power of being neutral...


Neutrality Does Not Have To Include:
* Being powerless or passive (that is abdicating your sovereignty)
* Agreeing and aligning with everyone / everything (that is peace at all costs - and cost it will)
* Allowing abuse to occur (that is negligence)
* Refusing to participate or be aware (that is avoidance)
* Clinging to the old as if it must be right (that's your comfort zone)
* Expecting anyone to agree with you (that's projection and expectation).
Neutrality Can Include:
* Asking questions from all perspectives of a paradigm to discover new possibilities
* Being willing to intimately know both the shadow elements and the glorious elements, without judging either
* Being willing to act decisively to prevent abuse occurring
* Being in allowance of other points of view so that you don't increase resistance (thus keeping the situation stuck where it is)
* Acknowledging that we all function at different levels of consciousness - and doing the best YOU can
* Kindness towards all beings, knowing that separation is ultimately a lie that has been perpetrated on us for thousands of years.
* Observing, neutralising and transmuting that which is unconscious or anti-conscious (whatever its source).
* A space of rest if you are in the midst of a difficult situation, or are low on energy reserves
* Being aware of possibilities beyond the negative / positive polarities
* Being aware of the implications of your choices, and choosing to do no harm
* Being able to receive inner clarity about what is true for you
How To Explore The Power of Being Neutral
Being neutral is one way of bringing more peace to planet Earth. Without those who embody the energy of neutrality, we can only have polarisation, war and fighting over who is right or wrong.


Every choice you make creates something... being neutral allows you to choose consciously for you AND the world.

You may receive more by exploring these ideas via your heart, soul and being rather than your mind...

What can be created when we stop choosing sides and begin to choose new possibilities?

If you read this far, thank you for being open to new ways of being. I'm grateful for YOU. <3

PS. Being Neutral ISN'T The Same As Spiritually Bypassing
Amongst all that I forgot to mention the obvious - that the energy of being neutral has been bastardised and misidentified for a long, long time, as have many energies that would actually allow new possibilities.


I know there's many people that think that being neutral means you're spiritual bypassing. All I can say is, have you ever tried it?

To be genuinely neutral is one of the hardest things I've ever done.


It means the removal of all points of view that 'take a side' ; taking a helicopter view to observe more of what is truly going on; and from there, making choices that enhance the wellbeing of all wherever possible. Effective neutrality includes refraining from judgement and questioning every assumption.


If you're ready to live a more neutral life (without the trauma and drama of arguing the rights and wrongs of everything), come explore the possibilities with a group of peaceful people in The Harmony Circles. Harmony offers another path to being neutral.

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