Stop Holding it Together

30 Sep 2021
Dearest One, 

Stop holding it together. Strange advice huh? Aren't we always supposed to keep it together, no matter what?

I'd already started letting go when I heard Matt Kahn say this: "If I'm needing to hold this all together, it's not meant to be the way I think it's meant to be. What if I let go and see what happens?"

​We are strong people... going through an intense time of change.

It takes a lot of energy to hold things together - to keep going when you're not even sure where you're going, because everything seems to have changed overnight.

It takes energy to be the 'strong one' when you'd rather curl up in a ball and have a six month rest.

It takes even more energy to address the stuff you thought was done and dusted a century or two ago, or to create madly because everyone is saying you 'should', when you have other unexpected priorities (like your kids, or that long list of niggles you've been managing to ignore that suddenly have become super urgent).

When you allow yourself to stop controlling, stop delaying, stop peace-making... stop being anything except the truth of you, your life / relationships / career etc either breaks (so there can be breakthroughs and transformations) or others step up to support you and everything comes out a thousand times stronger and greater.

Letting go is tricky. It doesn't feel safe or natural. And yet, when we do, the truth and alchemi of what we're here for can emerge, unburdened by expectations and limitations.

So... you have permission...

✨ To release the guilt and shame of self-betrayal - Wholeness is your truth.
✨ To let go of anything or anyone that seems 'off' or 'out of kilter' - Presence is your truth.
✨ To liberate yourself from self-judgement - Kindness is your truth.
✨ To discharge old commitments, chains and constructs - Choice is your truth.
✨ To free your energy from interference - Sovereignty is your truth.

Breath out... and now... take a tiny (or big) action in the direction of what is true for you. And another one. And another one. And another one...

Be willing to receive support. Invite it. Allow it to carry you like the tide. Whether the journey is short or long, you'll always find the shore.

This is the ease of change!

Be love, expect miracles. 
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