Rediscover The True Magic of HOPE

12/10/2021 09:00:00 +1000
Rediscover The True Magic of Hope
As with many good things, the original energy of hope has been misinterpreted and inverted so that its most common meaning has become 'to wish for something you probably can't have'.

Hope has been lumbered with the burden of being a last resort, rather than a foundational elixir that alchemises the creation of all we truly desire.

The original energy of hope is to expect and cherish a desire with confidence... to trust in God, the Universe and the power of your own creation abilities.

Hope is a way forward for all of us... the dreamers and the alchemists, the creators and the creatives, the futurists and the inventors, the gardeners and the healers... we're here to hold a vision of hope for those who cannot see right now.

Some days others hold this vision for us, other times, we hold it steady for those who temporarily cannot. This is unity at its most powerful.

When the external world often seems hopeless and the energies appear at their densest and darkest, it is essential to regenerate the energy of hope in our daily lives.

Having access to a strong, pure sense of hope is a creation strategy for the new earth. It's a way of being that goes far beyond optimism. Hope allows us to expand our reality beyond all external narratives.

Questions for Expanding Hope
  • How nurtured can we be through our and others sense of hope?
  • How creative can we be with the energy of hope?
  • How far into the future can we expand our hope?
  • What hope can we offer ourselves and others today?
  • Which foundations of hope can I tap into right now?

The regeneration of being fully alive starts with questions like these.

Whenever hopelessness sets in I get very present with it - knowing its 'source' is helpful and then I gift myself a good sleep, a walk, a change of scenery or some playtime to move me beyond that space and into the joy of hope.

I also remind myself daily that nothing is permanent.

If you're ready to bring hope alive, to learn simple, reassuring, innovative choices for regenerating your energy, your direction and your trust in what's next, become a member of The Harmony Circles... it's a gathering of people committed to joyful living.

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Author: Lisa Murray
Lisa Murray is the founder of The Harmony Circles, a gathering of people who desire to live joyfully and create a more conscious world. 

Lisa's work intuitively invites you to activate your creative presence, trust your knowing and create the magical love-fuelled futures your soul knows is possible.

She is the creator of 150+ courses & events, has worked live with thousands of people and has written two books (so far!).

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