How Do You KNOW "What's Next" In The Midst Of Uncertainty?

22 Apr 2020
How Do You KNOW "What's Next" In The Midst Of Uncertainty?
We're obsessed with knowing what's next. Instead of embracing the great unknown and allowing our lives to gently unfold, we've been programmed to 'need' the security and safety of knowing what is coming next.

Even if you're psychic, 'what's next' doesn't always have clarity. Bouncing between 'too many choices', 'no choices available' and 'no choices that I like' can be agonising.

When 'what's next' isn't clear, it's easier to be overwhelmed, depressed, tired, bored or anxious. The one thing all these energies have in common is a lack of presence to this moment and ALL of the choices on offer.

Here are some of the ways I approach 'what's next' in times of uncertainty...


There are things I do daily that offer me comfort. Making my living and creative spaces tidy. Going for a long beach walk. Checking in with a couple of people each day. Making sure I laugh out loud a couple of times a day.

When we have certainty in our daily experience, it frees our energy up to deal with the uncertain.


Whenever there's an obstacle to the dreams we were absolutely sure were on track, it's helpful to create beyond the obstacle. Keep building the energy of your dream for that time when the obstacle isn't there anymore.

Even if the world changes, there's something core to the energy of your dream that is important - focus on that!


Some people love to plan out their next day in advance. I've never found that useful as often I wake up in a different energy, with different awareness of 'where to start'. What helps me greatly are these four core questions:

  • What ONE action do I need to take to receive money today?
  • What ONE choice will make the greatest difference to my future?
  • Who do I need to connect with today to create _______? (i.e. whatever your priority is right now).
  • What do I need to delegate / outsource / let go of today to free up my energy?

When you track these questions over time, patterns emerge that show you YOU at your best, and at your most confused etc.


In a crisis it's easy to forget your big vision and begin to focus only on 'today'. Allocating even an hour a day to the grand vision that thrills you creates peace and joy.

If you are telling yourself you don't have time, make it a priority to connect with it from your heart while you are in the bathroom or driving, or waiting, or doing your movement practices.

Do you know that your heart-fuelled presence can create greater momentum than a thousand hours of doing? (Until I tried it, I wouldn't have believed it either!)


It's too easy to stop doing what's working when you're stressed.

Make a list of five things that ARE working, and be creative in your approach to keeping them going. Make a list of five resources you DO have, and how you may use them to create more.

Maybe you need to be more flexible, or more spontaneous, or kinder to you!

Maybe you need to set clearer boundaries, or allow a wider variety of possible outcomes in your definitions of success.

Maybe you just need to shut out all the distractions and do what you came here to do!

Do you know that your heart-fuelled presence can create greater momentum than a thousand hours of doing? (Until I tried it, I wouldn't have believed it either!)


This may be the choice I am most often asked about. How do you develop this trust? Two things: Being 100% present (even with the ugly stuff). And making your choices based on your awareness rather than your fear.

We are all naturally intuitive, but some of us have allowed our minds to takeover our hearts. Resisting the space of just being is one indicator that you've inadvertently given your head power over your intuitive awareness.

Don't make yourself wrong.

Being still and silent has not been a valuable choice until now. Which is kind of strange, because it's where most AHA moments come from! It's also where you become clearer about what being true to you really is.


You don't have to make 'the right choice' - you just need to make a choice. As you do, other choices will become available and clarity will emerge. You can always change your mind!

It's easy to become paralysed in the face of too many choices, or a perception that there is no choice. Neither of those stories are true. There is always something possible, sometimes it just takes a different perspective to discover what you can choose!

If there were no 'wrong' choices, which choice would give you the greatest joy? Start there!!

Certainty comes from knowing that that you have your own back and that you will be able to thrive in the face of any circumstances. This kind of resilience is built choice by choice. It doesn't come from having wealth, or a partner, or a home... These things are helpful, but they aren't the foundation!

If you'd love more support for building your thriving foundation, explore personalised 1-1 transformational coaching, or trusting in your new directions via Regenerate.

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Author: Lisa Murray
Lisa Murray loves bringing peace and joy to the experience of change - whether you're choosing it or it's choosing you!
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