Freedom from FEAR

12 Dec 2019
Are you courageous in your daily living?
Or do you live in fear?

It's not the most fun question... and yet, amongst the craziness of a world gone mad, it is a question that can set us free.


We use fear as protection, as a reason to exclude or separate from others.

We use it as a way of not being powerful, or present.

We use it as a way of avoiding what is, and a way of projecting our unhealed selves into the world.


There is much that is deliberately created in the world to ensure that we are afraid...

People who are afraid do not wield their power.
Or demand change.
Or do anything except hide away and fall in line with the dominant mechanisms of control.

People who are run by fear hide behind their wealth and their comfortable lives, telling themselves that nothing is wrong and the government will take care of us.

Is a life run by fear (acknowledged or unacknowledged) truly enough for you?

Are you willing to allow your boss or your partner to bully you?

Are you willing to allow your government to abuse their powers?

We are at a turning point in the history of the world

We can let fear win... and create a future where little exists that brings joy, peace and harmony.

OR... we can gently and courageously face our personal expressions of fear, allowing them to show us what is truly possible.

When we heal the microcosm, the macrocosm is also healed.


Fear can be irrational, born of inaccurate beliefs that we no longer even know the source of, and so we act from a source of power that is not who we truly are.

Fear can be activated by intimidation, born of violence or abuse that may be physical, emotional or financial. We embrace it, as if living in fear will protect us.

Fear can be implanted, based on lies and laws and corruption of consciousness that is designed to control us... and so we align and agree with the people and media that perpetrate fear based paradigms.


1. Be courageous in the face of fear. Be intensely present with it for at least 90 seconds and sense how it begins to diminish as you 'stare it down'.

2. Own your power and your sovereignty. When you are unstoppable, those that would dominate you will move their attention elsewhere. Know that pure-hearted power will not destroy the world. This is the truth of you.

3. Ask yourself "What is the value of holding onto this fear?" Is there a payoff that keeps you making this fear real?

4. Dive deeper. What is underneath the fears you hold? Is it time to change the energy or make a different choice?

5. Let go of whatever has been projected at you re using your power and your presence. How many lies have you made real that are not?

Some questions to ask 
These are yes/no questions.
Ask them from the truth of your being, rather than your mind. Allow your body to give you a response - you'll know!

1. Am I creating separation or exclusion because I am afraid?
2. Is this fear or is it excitement? (They are the same physiologically).
3. Is accepting this behaviour kind to me?
4. Am I using fear as protection or a comfort zone?
5. Is this belief actually true for me? (Or is it my awareness of the collective energies?)


And a couple of questions to deep dive on ...

1. If this fear wasn't real, what would I choose right now?

2. What power am I yet to fully embody?

You can only fear that which you do not know... your power, your magic, your wisdom...

If you're still reading...

It's likely you are one of the magnificent people who can lead us into a world where fear no longer exists!

Every fear we dissolve through our presence creates a ripple effect

Every choice we make from awareness rather than fear creates new futures and possibilities.
Please give up your conclusions about what being powerful means.

Only cowards create or project fear and they are powerless in the face of those who are fearless.

There are powerful, wealthy people who are committed to freedom for all.

There are quietly powerful people making great change behind the scenes.



There are many possibilities for community-lead change that can make the choices of the so-called 'leaders of the free world' null and void.
(It's a law of the universe that collective power used consciously will always outcreate corrupted power.)

The greatest power is not fear, but pure-hearted love

Love and fear cannot co-exist (and if you believe they do, check if your definitions of love have become a little confused ;) )

When you are not afraid, you are not controllable.
When you are not afraid, you are not controllable.
When you are not afraid, you are not controllable.

That scares the people who are trying to lead you. When their fear tactics no longer work, the game is over.

This is a call for a peaceful uprising in honour of all that is valuable - peace, our planet, and freedom to choose.

You only fear that which you don't know

It is the 'not knowing' that creates fear and the desire to stick your head in the sand.

Knowing is power

Put out your feelers. Sense what's next. Sense what each choice can create. Sense where your body would love to be. Sense the unexpected choices that are becoming available for you... let go of fear and build trust in yourself... one tiny choice at a time. 

Gather your desire for a greater future, your awareness of your power and your willingness to make a difference in every small choice.

You are love. You are loved. 

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Author: Lisa Murray
I've faced a million fears this lifetime and found my courage step by step, choice by choice. This courage holds my heart clear and my mind still every single day.

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