An Earth Oracle for Making Your Next Choice

25 May 2021
The earth is an oracle.

Anytime you are in nature, it has a plethora of information available for you if you pause to receive. The New Earth will never leave us without all that we need. As we listen, we perceive the presence of life in its true forms.

I love to speak with all the different elements, one at a time. The messages come through clearer for me that way. Today's Earth Oracle is a gift from the paperbark trees.

Yesterday I discovered a wonderful rainforest path just 5 minutes from my new house (SO exciting!!)... this is the gift it asked me to offer you.

Choose Your Earth Gift

1. Take a few deep breaths in, allow the magic and beauty of the rainforest to embrace your body and being... now, with soft eyes and heart, sense into which of these images has a gift for you.

2. Scroll down to your chosen image to read the message the earth has for you today.

3. Ask yourself how you may embody that gift or wisdom with ease. Each Earth Oracle offers you a question to explore. I invite you to write about your awarenesses and epiphanies - they are for now AND your future. 

Did you choose? Your message is below!
Look beyond the mossy comforts and the tendrils that grip tight, keeping you in the same place. Soar into the sparkling of the light. It calls you, gently, sweetly, to look up, to look out, to look into the possibilities that are quietly waiting for your recognition and love.

All is well, even if on the surface it seems slippery and unstable. My branches reach far into the unknown, just as you are now called to do. <3


How are you listening to the lightness of your heart? How can you expand the ways you listen?

Notice the strength of my limbs. Twisted as they are, they have created a small, safe space where you can rest in my arms, knowing that I hold you in the caves of creation.

Sink your feet deep into the sand, sense the waters that have run through these grains, leaving behind an imprint of alchemical wisdom that is now yours to absorb.

You may stay here for as long as you are open to receive, but not a moment longer. There is much the world will be asking of you. Continue to integrate through the water, wherever you find it, in any of its forms.


What are the strengths you take for granted? How can you expand on them in the situations that make you least comfortable?

You've come to a parting of the worlds.

Your feet are on the ground. You're walking softly between the worlds into your destination. In the distance is a shelter. Don't be in a hurry to get there, there is much magic to discover along the way.

Intensify your courage with every step. It knows the way forward. It is the alchemist that opens all doors and takes you into the realms of the magnificent unknown.


How is the 'between worlds' energy playing out in my life? Where am I resisting it? Where am I open to explore?


There are many choices being offered to you. As you make each choice, the next one becomes visible. No single choice is a stopping point. It's more like leapfrog.

Allow yourself to choose quickly, instinctively, generously.

Once you choose, the lushness of the land is thrilled to contribute to you. Open your arms and receive. Your only work is to make the choices that bring you alive.


What choice am I not making because I don't know where it will land? Can I trust myself and the great unknown to land in harmony with my truth and magic?

What's Next?
An oracle is a glimpse into a new possibility. When you add your energy, your magic, your bliss and your awareness, it becomes a living tool for expanding your life.

Sense the actions or choices that need to be made and allow them to unfold without force.

Much love,

Lisa... & Mother Earth.

P.S. Check out my bio below for more Creative Alchemi!

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Author: Lisa Murray
Lisa Murray is a multidimensional earth mystic who anchors information and energy for new ways of living.
She coaches and facilitates soul-aware beings to bring heart and mind together in harmony, enabling conscious, visionary choices.

Her vision is for you to know the truth of who you are, and for you to create whatever makes you thrilled to be alive as we move into the golden frequencies of the New Earth.

Write your most astonishing future alive in collaboration with the earth. The Writing Alchemi adventure "Heartsongs of the Earth" is now available as a self-paced class.
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