Support For Dark Nights of the Soul

17 Aug 2021
Dark nights of the soul are plentiful right now, even for those of us who've travelled these roads before.

Even though it looks like it, the world isn't getting worse or darker, it is simply that the veils of illusion are lifting, and you are seeing a reality that was not visible to you until now.

There is no blame or shame in not knowing. In this moment you have the choice to perceive reality anew, without the false shelters of your mind.

I like to see spiritual awakenings as quantum leaps for the soul - a changing of the guard, allowing your 'false self' to dissipate so that the truth and magic of you can emerge.

In essence, the dark night is an invitation (or a demand!) to quieten the external noise and distractions so that you become all you can be. It's the revelation your soul has been asking for that you didn't see coming.

What is a dark night of the soul?
The 'dark night of the soul' is a disconnection from all you have known; an in-between space in the awakening of your spirit to the conscious awareness there is more to life than what you've experienced so far.

It is often characterised by intense loneliness, apathy and a sense of emptiness, where everything you once loved seems undesirable or of no interest. Uncomfortable in your own skin.

A dark night of the soul may last for weeks, months or even years, depending on how you address it and what your soul desires you to know and experience.

For many people a dark night of the soul is a terrifying and daunting experience. Having been through a number of these experiences, I've realised that it can also bring wonderful gifts if we are open to receiving in unpredictable ways! This may seem like a big ask, but on the other side, you'll be so glad you said 'YES'.
A dark night of the soul offers the gifts of:
* Being able to ask life's BIG questions, without having to have an instant answer.

* Learning to trust that all will be revealed in perfect timing.

* Exploring your purpose for being on earth... who are you truly and why are you here, NOW?

* Being able to awaken your consciousness in ways that don't occur via your day to day life.

* Peace, quiet and a deeper connection with the truth of you - once you face your aloneness, you will never fear it again.

* Awareness of the transience of reality and truth (and being able to trust yourself in the face of constant change.)

* Becoming comfortable with being in the unknown and being able to let go without knowing what's next.

* Expanded awareness, intuition and connection with pure Source energies.

* Resilience, empathy, self-compassion, authenticity and integrity.

Each person has a unique experience... your magical gifts may show up differently.

So, now that you know there's some light at the end of the tunnel, let's discover if you are going through a dark night of the soul, or simply encountering a little existential angst
Signs and symptoms that you're experiencing a dark night of the soul:
* You feel like you're shedding your 'old self' and the new one hasn't arrived yet.

* You feel lost, fearful, doubtful, helpless or hopeless.

* You are asking questions but there are no reassuring answers arriving - you're in the void of 'not knowing'.

* Your normal coping strategies, rituals and spiritual practices aren't working.

* You are questioning the foundations of your beliefs, your life, your everything!

* No matter how hard you try, nothing is happening in your external world, forcing you into presence with your inner world.

* Depression that doesn't seem to have a cause.

* Your connections with the unseen / other worlds seem to be broken or non-existent (you may even feel that God / Source / your guides... have abandoned you)

* 'Everything' is going wrong - you are losing friends, relationships, jobs etc.

* Intense boredom that doesn't shift when you do things you normally love.

Dark nights of the soul can be activated by big life-changing events, the shock of what you thought was true not being true (living a lie), and ungrounded spiritual awareness. e.g. the 'crash' after the spiritual high or not including your body as you expand your soul's consciousness. You can also invite them in when you just *know* it's time!
Sometimes the dark nights just arrive in your world uninvited. Rude!! ;)

It's tempting to resist the dark night of the soul (just ask me how that goes!!). In a word. Don't!

Dark nights of the soul are amplified and extended by choices like ignoring the shadows of that which is unhealed or not whole within you; not having the tools or support you need, thus prolonging the suffering; trying to do 'too much' when your body is showing you that rest or space is required.
How to allow your dark night of the soul to lead you forward...
* Releasing your resistance, observing what is, and allowing yourself to sense into the shadows without judgement will bring relief.

* Find a way to clear the energy that is arising to be acknowledged and changed.

* Know that your soul is speaking, you are here to listen. What does it desire you to know?

* Invite the answers to arrive, rather than desperately seeking them out. Trust they will emerge in perfect timing.

* Simplify your daily routine and spiritual practices to the barest minimum, to allow space for the new to emerge.

* Spend time in nature, allowing your body and being to be more deeply earth-connected and grounded.

* Focus on the physical, taking small actions that bring you peace and joy (these may vary from day to day).

* Be kind to you - this is a time of deep soul-growth - give your inner critic a permanent holiday!

* Be clear on your boundaries - and know these may change as you change. Communication is key.

* Follow your awareness when it shows up. Learning to receive intuitively is key!

* Be patient as you wait for the 'new you' to arrive - you are in the chrysalis, forcing it to open will bring more deathing rather than the wings you so greatly desire!

* Journalling and other creative practices can be healing.

* Embody self-love, self-compassion, self-worth - without depending on your achievements. YOU are enough.

* Live in gratitude for you and the world.
You WILL come out the other side. The faster you shed the illusions and heal, the easier it will be to come out. This doesn't mean you can force the process! When you stop resisting what you're experiencing, the process will keep you moving towards your light.

Each of us must transmute and transform our darkness into light. When the dark night of the soul comes calling, know you are here for something bigger and greater than what has come before.

This is your pathway forward. To enter a new paradigm, the old must be removed and new foundations built.

Know there are many gifts in this process!
Know you are all-ways loved.
Know who you are.

Finding support for a dark night of the soul...
Dear One... No-one can do this work for you and that doesn't mean you have to do it alone!

If you need someone to talk to, book a 1-1 mentoring session or a FlexiCoach session with me.

If you'd like some healing resources to more deeply support your journey into the peace and space of the real you, 'The Mysteria Experience' is a self-study guide and companion that offers gentle, percolative insights and tiny, kind self-sustaining actions.

It's wonderful for any time in your life that is challenging! Oddly enough, this guide came through just before my last dark night of the soul. Perfect timing you may say!

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Author: Lisa Murray
I'm no stranger to the dark nights and the joyful dawns. I am the author of 'Living Beyond Burnout' and 'Stop Waiting, Start Creating' which both offer nurturing support during inward looking times.
My Mysteria Experience is a beautiful companion and guide during difficult times.

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