Are you listening to everyone except you?

8 Oct 2021
Are you listening to everyone except you?

When we are not truly, deeply heard, we begin to tell ourselves stories of pretence.

We pretend...

That we are not afraid (or that we are afraid!)

That our choice was 'fine'.
That our feelings don't matter.
That we are right (or wrong).
That we can fake it til we make it.
That we didn't know any better...

These pretences all lead into one crazy story that we use to limit ourselves, with all our might...
The story that we can't trust ourselves.
These pretences all lead into one crazy story that we use to limit ourselves, with all our might...

The story that we can't trust ourselves.

It's true.

Until we begin to gently listen to all of the things that no-one else could hear.

This builds the kind of trust in ourselves that can only be created from within. As we listen, we begin to know what we have always known.

We stop negating our awareness in favour of gurus and teachers and leaders. We begin to know when to be inspired by them, and when to create our own paths.

Doubt, confusion and overwhelm disappear when you trust that your questions will lead you to exactly where you need to be.

For me this kind of trust emerges in two ways...

When I write the words that no-one could hear, I get to explore everything that got stuffed down inside through those experiences of being invalidated or ignored.

Not as a victim; as an adventurer... "Who am I, that I've forgotten I am?"

As I listen deeply to myself through these writing explorations, I set myself free. To be. To see. To bring to the surface new awareness of what is truly possible and who I can be.

I engage with the voice within that truly hears me. We write to each other, exploring the known and the unknown, and together we emerge into new ways of creating and being.

In deeply listening to these written words with tenderness and openness, old habits fall away, like the raincoat no longer needed once the sun begins to shine.

The lies and the pretences dissipate, replaced with a strength and vulnerability that plant seeds of infinite growth.

Give the voice within the expression it is seeking, and you will move from seeking external validation from people who cannot give it, to seeding creative possibilities that you can trust and enjoy.


The second approach to building trust is more interactive. It starts with awareness. Who can you trust to be totally present with you, without judgement? Who are the people in your life who have the capacity to listen with the entirety of their being?

To find them, you might ask...

Who doesn't try to make me small or stupid when I find the courage to express my stories?

Who won't let me recycle those old stories over and over, unless we're moving through to somewhere new?

Who will listen so deeply that new pathways appear where before there was nothing?

These people are rare treasures.

They know the transformational power of presence and they are not afraid of it, or anything you bring to the table.

When there is no fear, no proving and no competition, the purity of presence transforms your capacity to trust you and your awareness.

You can also be this person for others. It will transform your world and theirs in the most wondrous of ways.


Almost every day someone on social media asks how we can change the world of atrocities that we live in.

Change starts with being totally honest with ourselves. You can't change a lie. You can change *anything* if you trust the voice of your being to guide you towards what is true for you.

It's time for all of us to stop being great pretenders and instead become the greatness that hovers just below the surface.

Transformation is instant. It begins the moment you are true to YOU.

The noise of the world is designed to distract you. You can allow it to lead, or you can invite yourself on a journey that seeds everything you're asking for... and more!


1. Daily unedited writing will open up your voice. Write fast and allow a stream of consciousness to flow out. You may be surprised at the words that land on the page. Don't judge them or you. They've arrived ready to be transformed through kindness!

2. If transformational writing prompts and unconventional questions spark internal conversations, join my Online Creative Writing Retreats. They're a gentle, powerful, safe space for exploring, receiving support and being heard in entirely new ways.

3. In your next conversation, speak 10% of the time and listen 90% of the time. Notice what else you become aware of!

Whatever you choose, I know you'll be astonished at what emerges. Change is created from within.

If even a thousand of us bring the energies of deep listening to the world, we can easily impact millions. The world is asking for our presence. Let's move forward with courage and confidence!

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Author: Lisa Murray

Hi! I'm so glad you're on this planet with me right now! Deep listening is a core skill for transforming all that is not working... I have a gift for hearing both what you say and what you're not saying! Your energy speaks volumes!

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