A Borderless World Starts With YOU

12/02/2021 23:28:08 +0000
Picture of earth from space with the words 'A borderless world starts with you\'
A Borderless World Starts With YOU!
(Written in early 2018... for NOW!)
I have the weirdest ideas sometimes... here are today's musings on the possibility of having a borderless world...

If there were no borders, how much of the conflict in the news would instantly disappear?

If we remove the separations and borders from our living, how much of our conflict would instantly dissipate?

I wonder what the world would look like if this revolution is started by individuals, in their daily choices... it is the separations and borders that we erect in our daily lives that provide the energetic platform for the larger borders to exist.

If we remove our personal borders, what will occur on a larger scale?

Shall we play? Start lessening the energy of separation with these small actions...
If you only choose one of these actions to focus on each month, you'll have a very different year!
Your tiny choices make an exponential difference.
Never underestimate the power and potency in you for creating harmony!
  • Don't exclude anyone, including you. (This doesn't mean you don't have any boundaries - self-respect is key!) It does mean we stop judging and excluding those who are different to us simply because they are different!
  • Welcome people who are different than you into your world. How many people do you connect with who are different to you? What do you offer each other?
  • Become present with what is and what you can choose in this moment, rather than expecting your politicians and business 'leaders' to start or change.
    Has it occurred to you that most of them can't because they don't live like this in their own lives? What if YOU are the leader the world is waiting for?
  • Identify what you imagine these borders protect you from. Are these fears real? Are they yours?
    Or are they what you've been brain-washed to believe? The media offers very selective reporting... what do YOU know?
  • Stop the gossip, the bullying, the undermining and the bitchiness. It all creates separation, silos and borders.
    Instead, what can you contribute that would create a greater future? Being kind in a world of bullies is a great way to stand out!
Picture of earth from space with the words 'A borderless world starts with you\'
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Author: Lisa Murray
Lisa Murray is the founder of The Harmony Circles, a gathering of people who desire to live joyfully and create a more conscious world. Her vision is for you to know the truth of who you are, and for you to create whatever makes you thrilled to be alive.

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