10 Creative Adventures That Don’t Need You To Go Online

7 Oct 2021
10 Creative Adventures That Don't Need You To Go Online 
What I call 'every day creativity' is a great way to be well during times of stress and isolation. It's also a great time to go offline and explore your inner worlds!


Here are a few ideas on bringing the true you alive by being more creative:

1. Draw a self-portrait a day.

2. Make yourself a deeply nurturing sanctuary - a space just for you.

3. Bake wonderful chocolately things.

4. Write a short story or a vision for your future - visualise yourself thriving!

5. Increase your self-nurturing.

6. Read a real book.

7. Dress up as if you're going somewhere amazing. Prance about like that all day.

8. Play music - on tin cans or water-filled glasses if you don't have an instrument.

9. Make a series of inspirational posters for your wellbeing.

10. Invite the muse. Enjoy deep rest, guilt free.

11. Walk a labyrinth. It's mesmerising.


Notice the difference in your day when you aren't always responding to the external stimulation of a screen. Screen-free time is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself right now.


If you are ready to make a difference in the world, know that creative play is essential to your wellbeing!

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Author: Lisa Murray

Play is core to my life and work. When I first started my business, my mantra was 'If it's not fun, I'm not doing it.' That worked pretty well for just about everything as it made me find creative ways forward.  

If you'd love more creative expression in your everyday life, you are joyfully invited to join my *Creative Play*  adventures in The Harmony Circles!

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