10 Dec 2021
True hope goes far beyond wishing for something you can't have! In this post we explore the original energy of hope and how to activate it :)
3 Dec 2021
I have the weirdest ideas sometimes... here are today's musings on the possibility of having a borderless world... If there were no borders, how much of the conflict in the news would instantly disappear? If we remove the separations and borders from our living, how much of our conflict would instantly dissipate?
8 Nov 2021
In a world full of division and polarisation, being neutral becomes the superpower that creates peace, harmony and wellbeing. Read more for ideas on how to be more neutral...
9 Oct 2021
When we are not truly, deeply heard, we begin to tell ourselves stories of pretence. What if you could trust what you know?
7 Oct 2021
Imagine how good you would feel if you were being creative instead of scrolling online. Here's ten ideas to help you be more creative offline!
30 Sep 2021
We are strong people... going through an intense time of change. It takes a lot of energy to hold things together - to keep going when you're not even sure where you're going. It's time to stop holding it together - there are more harmonious ways forward!
18 Aug 2021
Are you in a dark night of the soul? Discover the signs and symptoms, the gifts that may emerge, and some ways to gently move through this tender inner phase in your life.
25 May 2021
Choose an earth oracle from the rainforest to discover your next steps. In this oracle reading, the earth speaks to our deepest desires and greatest potentials.
22 Apr 2020
Last night your future called me... this is what it said... "I once lived in the epoch when Paris was known as the city of love. luxury was virtue signal of wealth. And hard work was the proof of value.
22 Apr 2020
How Do You KNOW “What’s Next” In The Midst Of Uncertainty? We’re obsessed with knowing what’s next. Instead of embracing the great unknown and allowing our lives to gently unfold, we’ve been programmed to ‘need’ the security and safety of knowing what is coming next.
19 Nov 2020
Yearnings. Do you listen to them or ignore them? When you can't break a pattern, or can't get to where you know you 'should' be... awareness is only a part of the creation! Your yearnings will lead you forward... Here's how to start.
6 Jan 2020
We are living in the end times. Although not as they’ve been predicted. This is… Not the end of the world. Not the end of freedom. Not the end of possibility. It is… The end… of greed, corruption, slavery, abuse, lies, war and theft.
3 Jan 2020
We have disrespected the earth so long and in so many ways, let's change that and bring harmony and conscious communion back.
13 Dec 2019
If fear was not real, what would you choose right now? Is a life run by fear enough for you? Do you choose to take back your power and sovereignty?
8 Nov 2019
Trees are here for much more than oxygen. They are wisdom keepers and eager to share their wisdom with us. But now we have cut so many of them they are in trouble. We can help. The Bramley Tree tells us how.
5 Nov 2019
You have 2020 ideas that aren't getting created. Here are three reasons why... and one simple choice that will start your creation process!
18 Sep 2019
You might not have heard the term ‘upper limits’ (first coined by Gay Hendricks in his book ‘The Big Leap’), but it’s probably functioning in at least one area of your life. Your upper limits show up on the edges of what you believe you can have. They are the ‘this but no more’ limit to your receiving. The ‘too good to be true’ beliefs that keep you small.
10 Aug 2019
If you've been called 'weird' for longer than you can remember, it's likely you have capacities to change the world. If you want everything to be easier, embrace your weirdness and let it lead the way.
11 Aug 2019
Self-care, or self-nurture as I prefer to call it, is a blisscipline that provides the energetic and soul-fuelled foundation for joy, self-expression, deep relaxation, peace and possibilities. Without it there is no space for your desires to come to you. Real self-care is as important as breathing.
10 Aug 2019
Wildhearts make the choices that others shy away from. Not because they have more courage; because they can't go backwards! Once you choose to follow the wisdom of your wild heart, you cannot live as if it doesn't exist.

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