We start in:   
The future of business is
intuitive, creative & soul-aligned...
Business is undergoing a huge transformation.
Are you here to help lead the change?
Hi! Lisa Murray here, creator and founder of Creative Alchemi™.
BUSINESS BLISSERIE is a nurturing space for conscious businesses to emerge from the many limitations of 'old-energy' 3D business practices.
What is a multi-dimensional, blissful approach to business? 

* It intuitively harmonises the feminine (receiving) and masculine (doing) energies in your business. Say goodbye to the habits of hustle & burnout! 

* It minimises busywork and maximises your powerful presence, ensuring your energy, boundaries, frequency and flow are fully honoured. Take a deep breath and meet your energised self!

 * It engages deeply in creative community rather than 'targeting ideal clients'. Hello magnetic connections and serendipitous co-creation!
* It activates your soul vision, inviting its fullest, most courageous expression in nurturing, creative, healing ways.
* It rewards heart and soul resonant offerings and integrity in pricing with deeply satisfying work, visionary clients and an abundance of inspiring choices.
AND so much more! A holistic 'New Earth' business creates more for everyone. These are the areas we are starting with...
Business Blisserie - The Foundations
In almost every 1-1 business coaching session, I identify core foundations that are missing. Without these essential business foundations, you can be putting huge energy into creation, without receiving business bliss in return!
Over three months (from 1 October 2021), we'll set you and your soul-aligned business up to thrive! Each month includes three weeks of business alchemy and in week four we include integration and embodiment experiences so that your momentum expands.
Prework :: Creative Foundations
  • The *Dreamerie Playbook* allows you to intuitively respond to questions like "What do you most desire from your business?" and "What is the greatest contribution your business can make in the world?"
    It's available from Monday 13 September so you can begin exploring your personal approach to Business Blisserie. The business of your most creative and wildest dreams starts here!
Month 1 :: Client Alchemi
  • In the first week we'll be exploring unconventional approaches to questions like: "Who do you best work with? Who are your soul-aligned clients? What are *your* most effective ways to attract divinely aligned clients?
    In weeks 2-4 you'll intuitively clarify and physically create the creative foundations for your unique client attraction strategies.
Month 2 :: Blissful Offerings
  • What is it YOU are here to bring the world? In this month we explore your brilliance, your magic and the specific ways you can offer it to your soul-aligned clients so that you both expand your possibilities.
    Say goodbye to shiny object syndrome and hello to LOVING your creations! We'll also be letting go of any roadblocks and doubts that are distracting you from your life's calling.
Month 3 :: Sustainable Systems
  • If you have sustainable systems you can grow and create your business and the systems keep up with minimal work. Getting set up for success should be simple and soul-satisfying. Let's make it so!
    Multi-dimensional business is based on energy, supported by soul-resonant systems that don't give overwhelm a chance. 
About Lisa Murray

I've been facilitating and guiding intuitive and alchemical creation practices for over ten years. I am the author of 'Stop Waiting, Start Creating' and 'Living Beyond Burnout' and have created and launched over 130 courses and live classes in the last 10+ years.

I'm a business, creativity and writing coach, an artist and earth alchemist.

I live in the knowing that Creation is a sacred act. When you commit to creating what you are here to create, you bring the unconscious into consciousness

I began creating Business Blisserie in my daily life at the age of 21. I simply knew that what was presented as business could be so much more generative if heart-centred, earth-activated, multidimensional creation became the foundation. 

It wasn't always smooth sailing (hello burnout & anxiety), but my vision did not waver - every experience showed me new ways. 

What Clients Say...
I worked with Lisa over a period of time, her work is magical and so aligned for me! I felt deep connection and trust, she was able to support me to heal past wounds and to gain so much clarity around my business and how to move forward. I am so grateful I listened to the calling to reach out and msg her! I highly recommend her work to anyone wanting to catapult their growth light years ahead 🙏
- Liliana Pereira, Australia
"Hi Lisa, ever since our coaching session I have worked on my project - daily first thing. I'm launching it next week. And, I'm sitting here in front of the river and feel so connected to the trees, (and the magic) just like I did when I was a kid. Thank you for helping me get off my backside and committing to what I have been avoiding. Deep gratitude."
- Gina Stamos, Australia
"Lisa is someone who comes to the core quickly and easily, can express things beautifully and clearly and does not go for less than is possible. You can not lead yourself around the garden in her presence!"
- Petra Siemers, The Netherlands
"Lisa's coaching style is unique, refreshing and it works. Lisa knows how to have fun and her playful style brings out the best in others. I love her
ability to tap into the real energy of whatever is going on at the time and
she always has great questions and tools to suggest." 

- Cass Russell, Australia
"Lisa asked me a couple of questions that made my own unacknowledged and unique brilliance with creation and money simmer and it amplified what I know.

Thank you Lisa! 
Everyone should know you and work with you!"

- Merlijn Wolsink, The Netherlands
OOOH JOY!! There's more...
As I listened to what Business Blisserie desires to be, I realised there's more magic to offer. So I've added a few delicious bonuses... #forpleasure #becauseIcan!
BONUS #1: Private Chat Group off social media

A safe and gentle space for explorations, connections and conversations as you play with the possibilities emerging.

In getting to know other soul-led business creators, you may also find wonderful co-creators and collaborators!

BONUS #2: The Business Blisserie Private Podcast

Inspirational conversations about how soul-aligned business can evolve on Earth... in harmony with nature, in resonance with what is good for all beings, in the alchemi of wholeness, in love for our radical evolution into a free-flowing multi-dimensional civilisation where all bring their unique contribution with love and creativity.
Timing & Logistics
This is deep soul-work that requires reflection and integration. There is space between the calls and in the last week of each month to allow you to explore and embody the beautiful changes you are inviting. Taking the pressure off and allowing space to explore new ways is essential for the new energies of creation.

Registration: 7 - 30 September 2021
Upon registration you'll receive the Dreamerie Playbook so that you can begin dreaming your soul-aligned business alive. The soul-aligned Business Blisserie conversation lounge is open from when you register.
Official Start Date: Friday 1 October 2021
We'll start on 1 October with a (bonus) community call at 6am AEST to introduce ourselves and activate the alchemi of our co-creative contribution for the next three months. 
Join Business Blisserie!
How would you most love to play?

You can join the Business Blisserie Group Adventure
OR enjoy the group + 1-1 soul-aligned business mentoring. 
 *** Group ***
$222 AUD / Month
3 Weekly live calls for soul-aligned momentum.
(39 x 20 minute calls in total)
A library of practical Business Bliss resources,
based on the monthly themes.
A Business Lounge for conversations (not on social media)
& a private Business Blisserie podcast.
LOVE, inspiration, activations, energy clearings ...
& so much more!
*** Group + 1-1 Mentoring ***
$555 AUD / Month
Includes a total of three hours of 1-1 mentoring with Lisa Murray over the three months.
(Held over 3 - 6 sessions)
Everything in the core Business Blisserie offer. :)
Approximate exchange rate via XE.com as at 1 September 2021: 

$222 AUD = 138 EUR  /  119 GBP  /  $163 USD
$555 AUD = 345 EUR  /  296 GBP / $408 USD
Business Blisserie
is NOT for you if:
  • You want someone else to give you answers and make choices for you.
  • You are not willing to create your life, ideas or business in soul-aligned timing.
  • You won't stop long enough to tune into your innate wisdom.
It's been lovely to meet you here... and this is not the right creative adventure for you.
IS for YOU if:
  • You want to discover how to create with confidence in any situation or environment.
  • You are ready to live and work in harmony with who you truly are.
  • You are seeking a flexible creation process that grows and expands with you.
  • You are wondering WTF do with your top 100 favourite ideas. (Or what to do if you just don't feel the love for them anymore).
  • You love intuitive, playful shortcuts and creating with grace and ease.
I embody and share creation in the mystical sense...
of new earth, new possibilities, new ways of being, working and living - in and beyond 3D / this reality.

This creation gig... It's been a long, long journey.

I'm beyond grateful for our curious and playful community of creative wonderers, mystics, healers, alchemists, seekers, seeders, sensers, oracles, seers and way-makers.

It's so good to meet you again!
Welcome home STAR BEING...
to the multiverses of creation.
I adore you and your courageous presence - here, now.
What times are the live calls?
All calls are recorded and you can send questions in advance if you cannot attend live.

There are three live calls each week (approx 20 mins each) so that you can receive timely insight and inspiration. The call times vary to cover all major timezones as this is a global event.

Timezone: AEST Brisbane time. Click on the link to check your local time.

Mondays: 8pm AEST

Wednesdays: 6am AEST

Fridays: 12 noon AEST

Can I have a payment plan?
Yes, the links are just above. Please note that payment plans are a commitment to make all payments, not a trial offer. 

You will be automatically charged for three payments over three months, starting on the day you register.

If you choose the mentoring payment plan, please note that your payments must be up to date to access your mentoring sessions.
Do you offer refunds?
As per the terms and conditions on my website, no refunds are available. I have many free and low cost resources that allow you to experience my work and its results.

This work is powerful and generative if you apply it.
Is 1-1 Mentoring for you?
Creating is a healing process even more than a 'doing'. In breaking cycles of limitation it expands your entire life, bringing a lightness of being that cannot be taken away.


In its greatest expression, creation embodies the creative connection of spirit, soul, self, body, world and multiverses. It is the energy through which you purify, ground and integrate your magic on the earth planes.

As your mentor, I'm here to guide you into harmony between work and play, creation and disintegration, heart and mind, body and soul, love and fear, as you create the vision and possibilities that are YOURS to create.

I am an alchemist, a mystic and a visionary. My approach is intuitive, generous and potent. I have a wealth of experience in creating everything from universes to books to bliss. Truly!

There is no idea too small or too big, too strange or too YOU, too personal or too public. You are not too much. The world is seeking exactly what you dream of.

It's time to express your creative genius in contribution to the new earth and I'm here for you.

Let's exponentialise your magic together and bring it out of the shadows. 

When you choose 1-1 coaching, you open up the personalised quantum leaps and creative short-cuts that will move your vision forward in the most generative ways.

You can find out more about my 1-1 coaching HERE.

What can we achieve in the mentoring sessions?
When you register for mentoring, you'll receive a questionnaire that asks you to consider exactly what you'd love to choose, create or change in our time together.

We will use your current awareness as the starting point for the sessions. 

Possibilities include:
  • Outlining or reviewing your book, course, podcast or other content.
  • Intuitively exploring possibilities and ideas you may not yet have imagined that are 'waiting' for you.
  • Unplanning your way forward, so that you know where to start and how you will approach your visions and possibilities.
  • Removing energy blocks and allowing your heart and soul to lead.
  • Releasing burnout and (re)activating your gorgeous, glorious creation energies. 
  • Connecting with your energetic team to explore other possibilities.
  • Letting go of anything that no longer serves you.
  • Becoming undimmable, developing trust in yourself and your magic.
  • And anything that's on my coaching page!  >>> www.LisaMurray.co/coaching.

If you have questions, please ask. I coach and mentor in many areas as my intuitive knowing of which questions to explore takes us to exactly where you need to be.

Often I receive downloads of information which make perfect sense to you, not so much to me ;) 
Can I teach this work?
If you are buying because you are curious but don't intend to do the work, or you intend to take the idea and create your version of it, Creation Launchpad is not for you.

Please know my dragons will eat your business for dinner if you steal from me in any form.

These calls are for your personal experience and embodiment, NOT a licence for you to teach others this work or share it freely.

When will you run Business Blisserie live again?
Probably not for another 12 months - In 2022 I am planning to add to this original foundational series with new topics. So if you want to play live, now is the time!
If you are happy to explore Business Blisserie with your own leadership, it will be available early  2022, including the replays of the live calls from this round. 
The current pricing is introductory and may change, as it is the first time offered and I will be tweaking content as I go.
What else do people say about creating with Lisa?
These comments are just the start of what's possible...

"Lisa is an amazing guide who invites such creative joyful exploration and expression of possibilities. Her Creative Futures workshop allowed me explore and embrace my creative gifts and abilities in a really fun way. I had a return deep dive journey to my spiritual roots, and sacred lineage where I acknowledged, embraced and reclaimed all of my wild divine feminine power and potency, empowering me to create more space and the freedom to more deeply embody and create my greatest future." Kimberley Lovell

"Not only am I brimming with inspiration, I also have a sense of the courage and clarity I possess to bring my creations into fruition." Geraldine Woessner

"Lisa's guidance comes from such a deep, rich space of her own decades of experience navigating the creative process. I trust her guidance and appreciate above all else how she invites me to trust my own process and knowing. This is a priceless gift." Megan Walrod

"I love this delicate and powerful woman, light and determined and the way she can guide everyone to embrace her deepest self. A conversation with her, even at a distance, is worth more than 100 sessions of psychotherapy, life is more fun, more colorful, lighter and works better.

Those around me notice this transformation, I see it, I feel it, but I am not sure of understanding what it is. In Buddhism it is called Hosshaku Kempon - abandoning the transient to reveal the truth.

To accept the idea that someone could help me to do what I already know and I always knew, and to be what I already am and have always been, to accept that I need an external spark to find all this has been the most difficult and most liberating step. A profound transformation experience with unimaginable benefits, thanks to the light touch of your words." Anna Laura Petrucci


Join Business Blisserie!
It starts 1 October, 2021.

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