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I mentor & activate conscious visionaries to
trust your knowing, become *undimmable* 
and co-create magical futures.
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 Nurturing your vision is SO different to forcing it!! Discover what's possible! 

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The Harmony Circles Membership is a gathering of open-hearted people, living in diverse situations, who desire to be in joyful harmony with each other as we create new ways of living, individually and collectively.

 Together we'll explore:

* Harmonious Foundations - what you need to know to have harmony within, in your life, community and with nature.

* Sustainable Practices - for change that lasts.

* Healing Conversations - about things like starting again, finding hope, letting go of anger, creating new ways forward & much more... JOIN US!

Lisa Murray
I'm Lisa Murray - a multi-creative futurist, potent paradigm shifter and energetic alchemist.
I ask potent, unusual questions that expand your possibilities...

Sometimes you get stuck in the ‘should’s’. Sometimes you work way too hard. Sometimes you get overwhelmed by all of your amazing choices. Sometimes it even feels like you have no choice!

My brilliance is in moving you towards the choices you CAN make... through your heart and your entire being, not just your mind.

I'm aware of the energies in your field that you may not have put words to yet. When we make them known, you can grow your business, take that leap into the unknown, and become all you are here to be.

Let's illuminate your true magic!

Are you a Seeker, Senser or Seeder?

Is your world expanding fast?
A SEEDER OF POSSIBILITIES is an intuitive visionary, a map-maker of futures, a prolific idea creator, a nurturer of a conscious earth, a generous, benevolent leader, and most of all… a whole-hearted pioneer and activator of more conscious realities through your unlimited brilliance.

Seeders love co-creating miracles that impact the world. You're all about growth and expansions. Except when you're not. Your 'doubt' often shows up as creating smaller or slower than you know you're capable of. 

Start by joining The Harmony Circles or receiving transformational 1-1 coaching.
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On the verge of transformation?

A SENSER OF TRANSFORMATIONS has one foot stuck in an old world and one in the new. You are awakening to a different future and it’s often mighty uncomfortable. Self-mastery and personal awareness are key to your choices right now. Your superpowers are tugging you alive so that you can truly thrive.

You’re seeking courage, authenticity and the blisscipline to make big choices. Your doubt shows up as trying to hide, not expressing what you know and seeking permission rather than being peacefully potent.

Start by subscribing to my YouTube channel. Subscribe to The Harmony Circles or explore Mysteria if you're going through a dark night of the soul experience.

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Seeking inspiration in the face of challenge?

A SEEKER OF INSPIRATION facing challenges you never imagined would be yours to face. You’re opening up to change and slightly terrified of it at the same time. You’re surprising yourself with who you’re becoming and wondering what's sparking these new experiences and what you can do with them! You’re curious and still a little cautious.

Your doubt shows up in being afraid to trust yourself to make new choices. And yet you know you have to let go of all the control that has been keeping you comfortable and ‘safe’ so far! Bigger joys are coming!

Start with my books:  Stop Waiting, Start Creating & Living Beyond Burnout. Subscribe to The Harmony Circles or book a FlexiCoach session.

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Client Love

Cass Russell
"I’d absolutely recommend Lisa’s work to anyone who wants to learn new ways to BE. Lisa has unique methods I have not seen anywhere else.

Her programs allowed me to have more ease with things I found difficult before. I learned new skills and knocked some pretty big goals off my list with ease.”

Managing Consultant, Australia

Simone de Haas
Leadership Speaker & Mentor, Australia

Saskia Schulte

"Thank you so much - again!!! I worked so hard and finally stopped that. Then I was feeling bad in another way. When I freaked out about it and thought I had to ‘do do do’ again, you told me to stop avoiding being bored. OMG that was gold! I am so happy I followed that suggestion!

I found a sense of peace and fulfilment. I work 70 percent less and make the same money. Lady, you are magic!!! Thank you SO MUCH for helping me get my life back!"

Author & Coach, Germany

The art of transmuting energy & creating momentum...

Inspirations and conversations... 

Creating With The Unknown
Healthy Choices For Kind People
How To Receive More...
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3 Dec 2021
I have the weirdest ideas sometimes... here are today's musings on the possibility of having a borderless world... If there were no borders, how much of the conflict in the news would instantly disappear? If we remove the separations and borders from our living, how much of our conflict would instantly dissipate?
8 Nov 2021
In a world full of division and polarisation, being neutral becomes the superpower that creates peace, harmony and wellbeing. Read more for ideas on how to be more neutral...

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